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Ah, cricket—the gentleman’s game, chock-full of rivalries, roaring crowds, and of course, rib-tickling banter. Let’s not pretend it’s all stony-faced stares and tense silences. The players, you see, have quite the knack for comedy, though they mostly kept it locked away behind locker room doors. But then came Twitter and Instagram, exploding onto the scene like a ball smashing through the stumps. Forget the journalists, cricketers could now be their own narrators, and the locker room banter became our daily bread. Among these jesters, there’s one who rules the roost: New Zealand’s Jimmy Neesham.

3 Funniest Replies By Jimmy Neesham On Twitter:

1. The Ode to Kane Williamson

When Kane Williamson knocked out a dizzying 251 against the West Indies, the world cheered like they were at a Beatles reunion. But Jimmy Neesham? He had other plans. He snapped a pic of the star batsman and captioned it: “Sorry guys I didn’t really want to do that but it’s my job so I kinda had to.” Cue the chuckles and guffaws. Was he secretly envious of his captain’s glory? Or maybe it was a playful wink? We’ll never know, but his wit captured the imagination of the Twitterati.

2. Aakash Chopra’s Humbling

Picture this: Aakash Chopra, a seasoned cricketer turned commentator, hopping onto YouTube to critique Neesham’s performance. “Not really a match-winner,” he says, advocating for Mujeeb ur Rahman instead. Jimmy Neesham, the Twitter whiz, wasn’t having it. He shot back: “Averaging 18.5 striking at 90 doesn’t win many matches either 😂😂😂😂.” Oh snap! With that zinger, he did more than just defend his honor; he made Chopra the roast of the day.

3. World Cup: The Tragic Comedy

Ah, the 2019 World Cup, a knife still stuck in the heart of many a New Zealander. When the ICC decided to tweak the super-over rule, you bet Neesham had something to say. He chimed in: “Next on the agenda: Better binoculars for the Ice spotters on the Titanic.” A perfect blend of tragedy and comedy. Comparing the late rule change to the futile efforts on the Titanic was nothing short of Twitter gold. It was a laugh-or-cry moment that Neesham nailed to a T.

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Jimmy Neesham is a breath of fresh air, piercing through the bubble of rehearsed speeches and politically correct mumbo jumbo that athletes often find themselves wading through. And, boy, is he funny! So if you’re thumbing your way through Twitter’s labyrinthine corridors, searching for a nugget of hilarity, just remember that Neesham has got you sorted. In the realm of 140 characters, he’s batting a century.

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