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You can find meme collections and video collages of Pakistani cricketers being trolled hilariously for their poor English understanding and speaking skills.

The Pakistani players are often mocked for their lack of English proficiency. While it is never a good thing, or even relevant, to criticize and mock the English skills of someone whose first or second language isn’t English, fans, even their own, go after the Pakistani cricketers on this matter.

If there is a Hindi speaking commentator around, Pakistani players can ask for it. But sometimes speaking in English, especially in ICC tournaments, is necessary in post-match interviews and in press conferences. There have been a few instances where the replies of a Pakistani cricketer to a question in English have been really funny and cracked up the fans and even the commentators.

Here are 5 hilarious responses by Pakistani cricketers to questions in English:

Inzamam-ul-Haq’s reply makes Ramiz Raja laugh in post-match interview

After a victory in a home game against West Indies in Faisalabad, the then-Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq had a chat with Ramiz Raja in the post-match interview. Ramiz Inzamam about the performance of debutant all-rounder Abdul Rehman. To which, Inzamam didn’t understand how to put it in words his appreciation of Rehman, and this cracked up Ramiz Raja who couldn’t hide his laughter and put his face down to laugh.

Watch the video here:

Umar Akmal’s “Kya Bola” that broke the internet

Pakistan wicket-keeper batsman Umar Akmal definitely had his hand tight while speaking the English language.

Umar Akmal smashed 94 runs in 54 balls against Australia in a 16-run victory in the 2014 T20 World Cup match in Mirpur. He attended the post-match press conference. A journalist than asked Umar about Australia’s run-chase, pointing out that Australia were in pole position to chase down the target of 192 runs, but the Aussies collapsed from 126/2 to 175 all-out.

Umar Akmal asked for a repetition of the question, which was already a lengthy question from the journalist. Even then he couldn’t understand, so he had to ask a Hindi speaking person “Kya Bola?” This from Umar went viral on social media and even after 9 years of this interview, fans often bring it up to have a chuckle.

Watch it here:

Saeed Ajmal’s hilarious interview with Nasser Hussain

Pakistan’s mystery spinner Saeed Ajmal was at his peak from 2011-2014 and outdid many a great batsman. Speaking in post-match interviews, though, was a tough task, although he seemed to enjoy it and spoke his broken, unsophisticated English.

He gave a hilarious interview to English commentator Nasser Hussain once, which still gets replayed whenever the fans want to have a good laugh at Ajmal’s English.


“Usually we struggle in the field; don’t why it happened in Indian team today”: Inzamam

During the 2005-06 home ODI series against India, after losing one of the ODIs Inzamam-ul-Haq gave a hilarious reply to commentator Deam Jones’ question of why both teams dropped catches in that game. Self-mockingly, Inzamam said that usually it’s the Pakistan team that struggles in the field, and he had no idea why India too dropped catches that day. This also made Dean Jones laugh.

Sarfaraz Ahmed’s hilarious press conference

Fans will never forget that epically hilarious press conference by former Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed in the 2019 World Cup, when he started by asking “Saare hi  English ke hai?” 

When asked about the reason for Pakistan’s win after a loss, Sarfaraz cheekily said that the difference was only bowling and fielding. He gave another funny reply when saying that they didn’t do anything special as they couldn’t practice because of rain a day before. “Actually we do nothing” this eked out a burst of laughter from the journalists.

Watch it here:



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