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5000 Space Aliens Reveals Official Trailer, Poster, & Release Date-TGN


  • 5000 Space Aliens is an animated film that introduces 5,000 space aliens throughout its 83-minute run, promising a unique viewing experience with stunning visuals.
  • Director Scott Bateman used programs like Photoshop and Premiere Pro to create each of the aliens featured in the film, manipulating public domain footage to bring them to life.
  • The film takes an unconventional approach to storytelling, offering an entertaining non-narrative experience. It has received recognition and won awards at film festivals, and its digital release will allow the public to appreciate its unique artistic angle.



Screen Rant is proud to present a closer look at Newman Ferrara’s upcoming release, 5000 Space Aliens. The film will be coming to digital download on November 21st and will be available worldwide. In accordance with its name, five thousand space aliens are introduced throughout its five thousand-second run, equating to 83 minutes in total. The animated feature promises a unique viewing experience with its non-narrative structure and stunning visual images.

5000 Space Aliens is produced by Lucas A. Ferrara with Scott Bateman serving as the director. In addition to creating the 84-minute score, Bateman used programs such as Photoshop, Fireworks, and Premiere Pro to manipulate public domain footage and create each of the aliens featured in the film. He has worked as a director, producer, and animator and is known for projects such as The Bateman Lectures on Depression and You, Your Brain, & You. Check out the official 5000 Space Aliens trailer below.

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More About 5000 Space Aliens

5000 Space Aliens Poster

The 5000 Space Aliens trailer begins with an official message from the SAC, otherwise known as the Space Alien Commission. It warns the viewer that each alien is only shown for one second for their physical and mental safety, as prolonged exposure can cause serious damage. The audience is told to put on their anti-alien glasses before they are quickly submerged in the vibrant and unpredictable world of the film.

Reflecting the animated feature itself, the trailer provides a sneak peek of several of the space aliens viewers can expect to catch a glimpse of. Director Scott Bateman comments on 5000 Space Aliens’ unconventional approach to filmmaking, and his decision to tell a story that doesn’t tell one at all:

Scott Bateman: Storytelling is everywhere these days, it’s ridiculous. But not everything has to tell a story. I believe movies can do other things as well, and still be fun and entertaining to watch. So with 5000 Space Aliens, I set out to create an entertaining, non-narrative film.

Bateman’s technique has been well-received with 5000 Space Aliens winning “Best Picture” at the Medusa Underground Film Festival in addition to its multiple “official selections” across the board. Although it previously premiered at these events, the feature’s digital release ensures that the public will be able to witness Bateman’s unique artistic angle. 5000 Space Aliens promises a ride with hypnotic rhythms, and it’s clear that it will be a one-of-a-kind roller coaster experience.

5000 Space Aliens will be available for digital download worldwide on November 21.

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