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Ahsoka Honest Trailer Turns Thrawn’s Zombie Army Into A Hilarious Metaphor-TGN


  • The Honest Trailer for the Ahsoka series provides comedic commentary on the Star Wars show, highlighting moments like Anakin’s return and the witches of Dathomir.
  • The Honest Trailer tackles the deep connections to Star Wars lore, including a metaphor for Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Night Troopers.
  • While the trailer makes solid points about monotonous dialogue and the chemistry of certain relationships, Ahsoka is still considered a win among viewers, faithfully bringing beloved animated characters to life in live-action.



The Honest Trailer for the Ahsoka series brings forth a ton of hilarious comedic commentary on the latest Star Wars Disney+ TV show. Ahsoka has overall been well-received by both critics and viewers alike, particularly for moments as massive and memorable as the return of Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker for flashbacks of the Clone Wars era. There’s something for everyone in Ahsoka, from lightsaber duels with dark Jedi to the witches of Dathomir. All of these elements have deep connections to the rest of Star Wars, which is exciting for many viewers and confusing for others – and all vulnerable to the comedic commentary of the art of the Honest Trailer.

Ahsoka has at last received its Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies, and just as its title states, it’s certainly a very honest look at the Star Wars series. The trailer includes a sigh compilation, the true title of “Space Jesus,” and even a metaphor of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Night Troopers. There’s a lot of Star Wars lore for this Honest Trailer to tackle, and it does so in the best way.

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Ahsoka’s Honest Trailer Is Cutting, But Makes Some Solid Points

Ahsoka poster adjusted

Just as the nature of this video promises, the Honest Trailer is brutally honest, but some of the points it makes for Ahsoka are pretty solid. Many critics would agree with comments about monotonous dialogue and the nature of the Ahsoka and Sabine master and apprentice relationship that lacks some necessary chemistry, among other things. Some have also been critical about the volume of lightsaber duels, especially against Thrawn’s undead Night Troopers. This is clearly meant as comedic commentary, but it does raise some relevant points.

Despite this, Ahsoka is still considered a win among many viewers, especially for everything it delivered to those who hold Star Wars animation near and dear. Many viewers have been waiting years to see their favorite animated characters come to life in live-action, and this series accomplished that very faithfully. The story of Ahsoka is also a successful catalyst to the future of Star Wars, though no Ahsoka season 2 has been confirmed yet. It will still come to fruition in the upcoming The Mandalorian-era movie, especially with the official return of Thrawn.

Source: Screen Junkies

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