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Amazing Star Wars Art Captures Sabine’s New Dark Jedi Rival-TGN

Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Ahsoka episodes 1 and 2.


  • Sabine and Shin’s rivalry in ‘Ahsoka’ creates tension and drives character development as they both strive to become stronger and defeat each other.
  • The differences between Sabine and Shin, such as their temperaments and relationships with their masters, make them perfect foils and add depth to the story.
  • The ongoing rivalry between Sabine and Shin promises more thrilling lightsaber duels and the potential for Sabine to overcome her weaknesses and achieve victory.

New Star Wars fan art has created a chilling depiction of Sabine Wren’s rival in Ahsoka, the mysterious Dark Jedi Shin Hati. A deadly master of her orange lightsaber, Shin faced off against Sabine in a visually superb duel that nearly cost Sabine her life. Shin is ruthless, hungry for power, and will most certainly fight Sabine again before the end of Ahsoka.

Freelance illustrator Uzuri Art shared their depiction of Shin Hati on Twitter, the orange glow of the lightsaber in her eyes as she prepares for combat.

Uzuri Art’s gorgeous illustration wraps Shin in a shadowy gray mist and perfectly captures her sharp focus just before she strikes down an opponent.

Sabine Wren & Shin Hati Are Perfect Rivals

Ahsoka has excelled at creating engaging dichotomies between characters, and Sabine and Shin are no exception. Creating a rivalry between the two apprentices at the beginning will force both characters to become stronger to defeat the other, and their differences make them perfect foils. Sabine is hot-tempered and rushes into battle, while Shin is calm and collected, waiting for the right moments to strike. Sabine is weaker than Shin in Ahsoka because of her low Force sensitivity, giving Shin the advantage in a fight. However, as Sabine improves under Ahsoka’s guidance, her victory over Shin will be more satisfying.

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Sabine and Shin also have very different relationships with their masters. Ahsoka chose to end Sabine’s training because she wasn’t ready, and Sabine’s lack of Force-sensitivity makes things any easier. Shin, meanwhile, works well with her master and never questions him, but their history together is unknown. Ahsoka can explore the backstory of both masters and apprentices, highlighting what makes one pair more effective than the other. Sabine and Shin’s rivalry throughout Ahsoka will lead to more incredible lightsaber duels and add depth to two already great characters.

Ahsoka releases new episodes Tuesdays at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

Source: uzuriartonline

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