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“Sabine Taught Me So Much”: Ahsoka Star Shares Behind The Scenes Shots & Training Videos-TGN


  • Ahsoka star Natasha Liu Bordizzo can finally share her experience working on the Star Wars series now that the actors strike has ended.
  • Bordizzo expressed gratitude for the positive response to Ahsoka, highlighting the lessons her character taught her about mentorship and love.
  • Sabine Wren, portrayed by Bordizzo, has the potential to become one of the most important characters in the Star Wars galaxy due to her artistic abilities, technical skills, and recent embracing of the Force.



Ahsoka star Natasha Liu Bordizzo is finally able to celebrate her time working on the hit Star Wars series now that the SAG-AFTRA actors strike has officially concluded. Serving as the eighth Star Wars series developed for Disney+, Ahsoka saw the live-action debuts of several of Dave Filoni’s animated characters from Star Wars Rebels, including Bordizzo’s Sabine Wren. While Ahsoka season 1 has already concluded its original run with the finale airing in October, its stars were previously unable to comment on the show due to restrictions related to the recent strike action.

With those restrictions now lifted, however, Bordizzo was quick to take to Instagram and share a number of behind-the-scenes shots and training videos. Check out her post below:

Taking the opportunity to express her heartfelt gratitude to the positive response Ahsoka has received, the Sabine actor says that her character “taught me so much, especially about receiving mentorship, love and guidance, even when you least deserve it.” She also took the time to pay tribute to her late co-star Ray Stevenson and costume designer Shawna Trpcic.

Why Sabine Wren Could Become One Of Star Wars’ Most Important Characters

Sabine Wren poses with her lightsaber in the foreground and defends herself in the background for Ahsoka.

Originally voiced by Tiya Sircar in the Star Wars Rebels animated series, Sabine’s character was originally introduced as a 16-year-old graffiti artist, former Imperial Cadet, and bounty hunter. Not only is Sabine artistically gifted, with the iconic Rebel insignia having seemingly evolved from her personal stylized artwork, but she is also technically adept and possesses an aptitude for creating explosives and other weapons. This alone would make her an already formidable character, but now that Sabine has finally learned to embrace the Force, she potentially now stands as one of the most important characters in the galaxy.

At a time when Luke Skywalker is struggling to establish his own Jedi academy, Sabine has benefited from the teachings of a fully trained Jedi with direct access to recordings and other instructional aids once used at the height of their former glory. Though Sabine’s aptitude for the Force had been shown to be minimal compared to other Force sensitive beings, the events of the Ahsoka show seem intent on placing the emphasis on training and control over the kind of raw, unrefined talent demonstrated by characters like the sequel trilogy’s Rey.

While it is unclear whether Ahsoka season 2 or Filoni’s upcoming movie will provide Sabine with an opportunity to cross paths with Luke, her presence would be a definite boon for his own burgeoning Jedi academy. Moreover, her Mandalorian ancestry also has the potential to help soothe a centuries-old enmity and deep distrust directed by her people at the Jedi, paving the way for their eventual collaboration in the coming fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Imperial Remnant.

Ahsoka season 2 is not yet confirmed, but season 1 is available to stream on Disney+.

Source: Natasha Liu Bordizzo/Instagram

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