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All Souls Trailer Promises Tense Thrills In New Drug War Drama (EXCLUSIVE)-TGN

Exclusive: Screen Rant presents the trailer for Lionsgate’s upcoming drama All Souls, which sees an informant go undercover for the police.


  • All Souls is a tense thriller set during the War on Drugs, exploring the human cost of this conflict through the perspective of a young confidential informant.
  • The film features a talented cast, including Mikey Madison, G-Eazy, Samuel Roukin, and Zach Villa, who bring the gripping story to life.
  • With its dark and visceral aesthetic, All Souls offers a stylish and intense viewing experience, making it a noteworthy entry in the drug war thriller subgenre.



All Souls is a tense new thriller from Lionsgate that tells a story set against the backdrop of the War on Drugs. The film was written by Anthony Ragnone II and is Emmanuelle Pickett’s feature film directorial debut. They previously collaborated on the short film Endings, Inc., which Pickett directed and Ragnone II co-wrote. The film will be released in theatres, On Demand, and on digital platforms on December 8th.

Screen Rant is happy to offer a first look at the trailer for All Souls, as seen above, which showcases the film’s tone and teases its gripping story. The trailer also reveals the film’s star Mikey Madison (Scream, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) as River, rapper Gerald “G-Eazy” Gillum as Silas, Samuel Roukin as Carcillo, and Zach Villa as Hernandez.

More About All Souls

all souls full-length poster

All Souls tells the story of River (Mikey Madison), a young confidential informant, who is sent on an undercover operation to help the police track down their target, Silas (G-Eazy). It’s a look into the United States’ War on Drugs, focusing specifically on those who are forced into working with the police as a result of their own illegal activity. All Souls clearly aims to explore the human cost of the War on Drugs, with story elements like River’s daughter showcasing the emotional and real-life complications of such conflicts.

The trailer for All Souls also showcases the dark, tense tone of the film. Pickett’s directorial style is on full display, as the film has a stylish yet visceral aesthetic designed to put viewers right in the heart of the action. Led by Mikey Madison’s performance, All Souls looks to be a solid entry in the subgenre of drug war thrillers and is set to tell a story that is both important and crucially relevant.

All Souls will be released in theaters, On Demand, and on digital platforms December 8th.

  • All Souls (2023)

    Emmanuelle Pickett

    Mikey Madison, Samuel Roukin, Jess Gabor, Zach Villa, G-Eazy

    81 Minutes

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