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American Horror Story Season 12: Emma Roberts & New Star Share Freaky Moment In Latest Poster-TGN


  • An American Horror Story season 12 poster shows Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian’s characters connected by a spider and its thread.
  • Roberts, a veteran of American Horror Story, will be returning for the sixth time, and the poster hints at a possible connection between her character and Kardashian’s.
  • The promotional materials suggest that motherhood and pregnancy will play a significant role in season 12, with both Kardashian and Roberts depicted as pregnant in the posters.

An arachnidan encounter brings American Horror Story veteran Emma Roberts inches from Kim Kardashian on a new poster. Starting in 2011, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s Emmy-winning anthology series explores a new supernatural or horror trope each season, bringing a set of characters to new locations as the series progresses. Its season 12, titled American Horror Story: Delicate, will adapt Danielle Valentine’s novel Delicate Condition and feature a pregnant woman who believes a conspiracy surrounds her unborn baby.

Captioned “Their bite is deadly,” the image posted on the American Horror Story Twitter account has a blue, fluorescent tint and sees Roberts hovering over a reclining Kardashian. Check out the American Horror Story season 12 poster below:

Spinning a small web around Roberts’ half-open mouth, a spider slinks toward Kardashian, leaving a trace of silk in its wake. In an homage to the spider’s spindly legs, Kardashian wears false eyelashes that reach above her eyebrows and toward her cheekbone. Each actor also wears shining, scarlet lipstick.

What American Horror Story Season 12’s Marketing Teases About Its Story

American Horror Story season 12 Kim Kardashian poster

Kardashian’s American Horror Story season 12 role came as somewhat of a surprise to commentators, as the media personality has never held a significant acting part aside from a handful of cameos in the late 2000s and early 2010s. With the American Horror Story social media accounts pushing Kardashian to the center of its promotional material, the budding actor will likely play a prominent role in the show’s upcoming season.

While Kardashian may be an American Horror Story newcomer, Roberts joins the series for the sixth time, her last appearance coming in season 9, 1984. Connecting the two in posters such as this spider scene suggests that the narrative thread between their respective characters may intertwine. Considering that other American Horror Story posters and trailers imply that both Kardashian and Roberts are pregnant, motherhood and pregnancy looks to be at the forefront of season 12.

With Cara Delevingne, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Matt Czuchry, and Succession alum Annabelle Dexter-Jones also set to star in American Horror Story season 12, the show’s latest installment will have no shortage of familiar faces from across television. So far, though, only Roberts, Kardashian, and Delevingne have been shown in promotional materials, suggesting their characters will be the leads. The exact nature of each woman’s story will hopefully be revealed in additional teasers.

American Horror Story: Delicate premieres September 20 on FX.

Source: American Horror Story/Twitter

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