Any bowler who sledges Virat Kohli will pay the price: Makhaya Ntini-TGN

Indian batting superstar Virat Kohli is known for his aggressive batting prowess. He is one of those cricketers who wants fire from the opposition as it gets him going like nothing else. The effect of aggression from the opposition on him is that it only brings out the best in him. There are countless examples when a verbal battle with Kohli has worked in his favor.

Makhaya Ntini’s Advice To Bowlers On Handling Virat Kohli

South Africa legend, Makhaya Ntini has decoded the same fact and has reminded the bowlers to stay calm when Virat Kohli is batting.

Speaking to Revsportz on the ‘Backstage With Boria’ show, the former South Africa speedster said bowlers should completely refrain from messing with Kohli as if they do, they are likely to pay a price for the same. He said:

Don’t sledge Virat Kohli. Any bowler who sledges him will have to pay the price. If you don’t sledge and just let him be, he could get bored and make a mistake,”

Ntini said that talking to Virat when he is batting is playing it into his hands and his only advice to the bowlers will be to let him be. He said:

Let me tell you something about Virat Kohli, something I will tell every South African bowler who will bowl to him. Don’t say a word to him when he is batting. I repeat, don’t sledge him by saying anything to him. If you do so you are actually playing into his hands. He wants the sledge if you know him. He wants the combat and loves such things. If you do so, you are actually giving in to what he wants and it will only make him that much more determined and he will make you pay. Rather, just keep silent against him,”

Makhaya Ntini even said that Kohli might get bored and get out quickly if the opposition bowlers don’t talk to him. He said:

“When he sees a bowler not say things, he will get bored. He needs action in the middle to be at his best. When he doesn’t get it, he will find it boring and that’s when he can make a mistake. With players like him you need to be smart and not do the things that you will do with other batters. So when you bowl to him try and stay silent and make him feel bored. That’s your best chance of getting him out,”

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