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Black Manta Kills Aquaman’s Son In The Comics: Will The DCEU Follow Suit?-TGN


  • Black Manta’s vow to kill Aquaman’s family in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has DC fans worried about the fate of Aquaman’s son.
  • The trailer reveals that Black Manta’s power has increased due to the Black Trident.
  • The possibility of Aquaman’s son being killed by Black Manta in the movie is a shocking prospect that harkens back to the comics.



DC fans are worried that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will feature Black Manta killing Arthur Curry’s son, with the DCEU adapting a major comic book moment. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s cast is led by the returning Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, with the King of the Seas going on a sprawling adventure with his estranged brother, Patrick Wilson’s Orm. The DCEU adventure will see the duo go up against a returning foe, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s trailer finally debuted with only three months for the movie to arrive in theaters. The trailer revealed that Black Manta’s Black Trident will up the villain’s power considerably in comparison to the first Aquaman. Stronger than ever, Black Manta has vowed to get his revenge on Aquaman over the hero’s role in his father’s death, and Black Manta saying that he will murder Aquaman’s family has DC fans worried about the life of Aquaman’s young son, as the villain murdered the child in the comics. Check out several reactions below:

@Sinestros_Myte makes fun of the situation, teasing that Black Manta fans will be happy about Aquaman’s son being in the movie.

@GranAutism0 simply says, “Oh brother,” after putting the pieces together.

@tyreebriggs1 thinks that DC is about to kill Aquaman’s son.

@rblaz_art comments on how the more obscure death of Aquaman’s son possibly being adapted in a movie before Jason Todd’s death is unbelievable.

@4eyedRaven points out all of Black Manta’s threats to Aquaman’s family in the new trailer.

@originaldcuguy is actually excited for Aquaman’s son’s death to be adapted.

@Impulse785 poses the question if fans believe DC will allow Black Manta to kill Aquaman’s son.

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Will Aquaman 2 Adapt Black Manta Killing Aquaman’s Son?

Black Manta and Aquaman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Following the release of the movie’s trailer, Black Manta’s plan in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has become more than clear. The villain stated multiple times throughout the trailer that his goal is to make sure Arthur Curry suffers, saying, “I’m going to kill Aquaman and destroy everything he holds dear,” as well as directly mentioning the hero’s family, saying, “I’m going to murder his family and burn his kingdom to ash.”

It is hard to believe that with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom seeing Black Manta so hellbent on killing Aquaman’s family, the villain will refrain from discharging his wrath on Aquaman’s son. Besides, the two characters share a history, as Black Manta was responsible for killing Aquaman’s son — Arthur Curry Jr. — in the comics. There, the villain murdered the so-called Aquababy by suffocating him. Black Manta put Aquaman’s son inside a sphere that slowly filled with air, and as Atlanteans can only be out of the water for a period of time, he died.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s trailer featured a clash of light and dark moments, with the tone of Black Manta’s scenes making it seem like the movie might not shy away from depicting such a tragic event as the death of Aquaman’s son. Momoa’s Aquaman having to deal with the death of his son at the hands of his biggest foe would be a shocking end to the DCEU, as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the universe’s final movie, which is why it could very well happen.

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