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Matthew Vaughn Shares Insight Into Henry Cavill’s Argylle Character-TGN


  • Henry Cavill’s character in Argylle is a fictional spy within the movie, similar to James Bond in real world spy novels.
  • The character is a mixture of Bond, Ivan Drago, and a bit of Superman.
  • Argylle has the potential to be a unique spy franchise, combining the excitement of Bond with Cavill’s strengths as an actor in a bombastic fictional world.



Matthew Vaughn reveals three characters that he wanted Henry Cavill to tap into with his new character in Argylle. The upcoming movie is based on the yet-to-be-released movie of the same name. The movie takes a meta approach to the story following author Elly Conway, based on the actual author, as she is pulled into the world of spies and lies when her espionage novels hit a little too close to home for a criminal syndicate.

While at New York Comic Con, Screen Rant spoke with Vaughn about his new movie, Argylle. He shared characters that inspired Cavill’s character, Agent Argylle, in the movie, including Superman. Vaughn also praised Cavill, describing him as “a delight to work with.” Check out Vaughn’s full quote below:

Matthew Vaughn: I said to Henry, Argylle is a mixture of Bond, Ivan Drago, because of Rocky 4, and just a bit of Superman spice. And he gets it. He was a delight and is a delight to work with and be with. Henry is one of the greatest, sweetest men.

How Henry Cavill’s Agent Argylle Stands Out From Other Spies

Henry Cavill as Argylle in Matthew Vaughn movie

Cavill’s character in Argylle is actually a fictional character within the world of the movie as the lead in Elly Conway’s novel. Similar to James Bond being the star of spy novels in the real world, Cavill’s character is the equivalent of this, but in the movie. This allows Vaughn to lean into the more outlandish elements of James Bond. This could mean that within the books, Agent Argylle has a similar reputation as one of the great spies, an oxymoron within itself.

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The Ivan Drago and Superman influences are especially intriguing, with Drago being an antagonist and Superman being one of the most iconic superheroes in the world. The Superman aspect could be that, as a fictional character, he is able to achieve impossible feats. However, it’s also possible that this is meant to allude to a dual identity or a certain amount of charm. Ivan Drago is a bit more mysterious, but it could be indicative of his strength.

Argylle is primed to be a one-of-a-kind spy franchise, with Vaughn creating two worlds: one that is the movie itself and the other that is the world of the novels within the movie. Although Cavill hasn’t had the opportunity to play James Bond, this role has the chance to be even more dynamic, taking on some of the most exciting parts of Bond while also leaning into his other strengths as an actor. Cavill is no stranger to the spy genre, but Argylle is a chance for him to play in the most bombastic corners as a fictional character within an already fictional world.

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