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“It Looks So Much Better”: Avatar: Last Airbender Voice Actor Reacts To Netflix’s Live-Action Trailer-TGN


  • The voice actor for Toph Beifong in Avatar: The Last Airbender gets emotional watching the live-action adaptation on Netflix, calling it an improvement over the 2010 film.
  • The Netflix series will cover the same story as the film but with significant differences, such as increased power of bending, indicating the series will be a better remake of the animated series.
  • The trailer for the Netflix series showcases details from the original series and uses music from the animated show, suggesting its faithfulness to the source material.



Avatar: The Last Airbender voice actor Michaela Jill Murphy has posted her reaction to the upcoming live-action remake of the series being released by Netflix. The series follows the story of Aang, the last airbender in the world, someone who can learn to bend all four elements as the Avatar. In the original animated series, Murphy voiced Toph Beifong, a blind earthbender who helps train Aang in season 2.

Now, Michaela Jill Murphy has posted her reaction to Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender trailer.

The voice actor gets teary-eyed watching the series get brought to life in a new live-action adaptation. She contrasts elements of it, such as how bending is shown, to that of M. Night Shyamalan’s 2010 film The Last Airbender, calling the new rendition an improvement.

Netflix releases Avatar: The Last Airbender season 1 on February 22, 2024.

Why Netflix’s Last Airbender Will Be Better Than The Live-Action Movie

Avatar: The Last Airbender pulls from “Book One: Water” from the original animated show. This means the eight-episode season on the streaming service will cover the same amount of story as depicted in Shyamalan’s live-action film. However, significant differences between the two – such as the increased power of bending in the show – indicate the Netflix series will be a better remake.

In the trailer Murphy watched, significant portions from the original series like the Warriors of Kyoshi and the Fire Nation’s genocide of the Air Nomads can be seen. This underscores how the show will have a level of detail Shyamalan’s movie didn’t contain, aided by having eight episodes to tell its story. The music in the trailer is also from the animated series, indicating Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s faithfulness to its source material.

Given how much Avatar: The Last Airbender is pulling directly from the animated show, it seems the Netflix series will be a crowd-pleasing addition to the franchise. It may also serve as another positive example of a live-action adaptation of an animated series, following right off the heels of One Piece. With the series arriving next year, it won’t be long until the full extent of its faithfulness to the original becomes clear.

Source: Michaela Jill Murphy/YouTube

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