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MCU Theory Perfectly Predicts Avengers 6’s Ending & How Marvel Fixes The Multiverse-TGN


  • Loki, the God of Mischief, might redeem himself and become a hero by saving the multiverse in Avengers: Secret Wars.
  • According to a theory proposed on Reddit by Jaideco, the multiverse will become unstable and different realities will fight to determine the fate of the timelines.
  • The theory suggests that Loki would be the perfect person to restore order and create a new timeline, allowing dead heroes to return and giving the Fantastic Four and X-Men significant roles.

The God of Mischief, Loki, might redeem himself by saving the multiverse in Avengers: Secret Wars if a new theory rings true. While Loki is normally seen as a destructive figure, his development over the course of the first season of his solo series suggested he was capable of changing. It would also put an ironic spin on the character’s trajectory in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, turning the chief villain of Phase 1 into the hero who stops Secret Wars and saves reality in Phase 6.

The theory was first proposed by Jaideco on Reddit, who speculated upon the story of MCU Phase 5. Jaideco suggested that the films leading up to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty would see the multiverse become increasingly unstable. This would lead to “a cross between Endgame and Civil War on steroids,” with the heroes and villains of different realities fighting to “determine who takes over and therefore which timeline(s) get restored and which will be erased.” In the end, someone will need to fill the void left behind by He Who Remains to restore order. Jaideco proposes that Loki is the perfect person for the job.

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Why Loki Fixing The Multiverse Perfectly Fits His MCU Arc

The chief reason Loki would be the ideal person to instill order on a new multiverse is because it would add symmetry to his story arc and prove the perfect ending. When Loki was introduced in MCU Phase 1, he sought power for power’s sake. He wanted a throne and wasn’t particularly choosy about what throne he possessed, whether he was ruling Asgard or taking over Earth as a vassal of Thanos. The variant Loki of Loki season 1 came to see the folly of his past, realizing that power must have a purpose in order to have any meaning.

When Loki was offered a chance to rule under the aegis of He Who Remains, he turned it down because he came to realize the price to be paid for such power and that it was not worth the cost. Even if He Who Remains could be trusted to play fairly, Loki would still be consenting to being a pawn. This was also something the master manipulator could not tolerate, independent of any ethical considerations. However, after seeing the consequences of his actions play out over the course of two phases, Loki would have a reason to seek such power and claim the throne of He Who Remains.

The end result of Avengers: Secret Wars, according to Jaideco, would be a new timeline curated by Loki, made up of multiple timelines. This would allow many dead heroes to be brought back in new forms and the Fantastic Four and X-Men to hold major roles in the new history. Beyond creating a fresh start for the MCU, it would also be the final cosmic irony, as the God of Mischief becomes a force of order.

Source: Jaideco/Reddit

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