Baz Would Have Surely Chosen Glenn Maxwell: Ian Smith-TGN

Cricket fans worldwide are abuzz with the heroics of Glenn Maxwell, the Australian batter who etched his name in history with a jaw-dropping 201 not out against Afghanistan at the 2023 World Cup. Despite battling cramps and a troublesome back, Maxwell orchestrated what can be argued as the greatest ODI innings of all time.

Australia, chasing 292, found themselves in dire straits at 91/7, seemingly on the brink of a crushing defeat. However, when all seemed lost, Maxwell took the stage, declaring ‘enough is enough.’ What followed was a display of unparalleled skill and determination, as he single-handedly steered Australia to victory with a remarkable unbeaten 202-run partnership with Pat Cummins.

Maxwell’s prowess lies in his explosive batting style, fearlessly going after the opposition’s bowling attack. His ability to turn the tide under pressure not only salvaged Australia’s World Cup campaign but also left cricket aficionados in awe of his batting prowess.

While Maxwell rightfully claims the spotlight, credit must also be attributed to Pat Cummins, whose steady contribution of 12 runs in the partnership proved invaluable. Together, they defied the odds and secured one of the grittiest wins in cricket history.

Shifting gears to the Test arena, England’s cricket landscape has undergone a revolution under the dynamic leadership of Ben Stokes and the strategic coaching of Brendon McCullum. Their innovative approach, termed ‘Bazball,’ has redefined how England approaches Test cricket.

Under Stokes’ captaincy, the English test team exhibits a proactive approach, going after the bowling and adopting an aggressive stance. This departure from traditional strategies has injected a refreshing vigor into England’s Test cricket, catching opponents off guard.

Renowned cricket commentator Ian Smith provides a compelling perspective on Glenn Maxwell’s prowess. Smith suggests that Brendon McCullum, England’s head coach, would likely be amazed by Maxwell’s innings and might have chosen him for the team. Smith acknowledges Australia’s impressive Test cricket depth and contemplates the potential impact Maxwell could have had in other test-playing nations.

Ian Smith says that Brendon McCullum would have picked Glenn Maxwell in his test team

Baz Would Have Surely Chosen Glenn Maxwell: Ian Smith
Baz Would Have Surely Chosen Glenn Maxwell: Ian Smith

Smith delves into the future of Test cricket, envisioning a potential evolution that accommodates players like Maxwell. While Maxwell’s explosive style may not be a common sight in Test cricket today, Smith speculates that the game might adapt to suit such players in the coming decade.

Highlighting Australia‘s consistently strong middle-order depth in red-ball cricket, Smith acknowledges the challenges Maxwell faces in securing a regular Test spot. Despite this, he expresses a desire to witness Maxwell occasionally showcasing his explosive style in the longest format, even if it defies conventional norms.

Ian Smith said: “I’m confident Baz would have chosen him. I know Brendon McCullum, and even though he hasn’t spoken about it, I’m sure he’d have a quote or two about that innings because he would have been amazed. I see a couple of factors to think about. Firstly, Australia has impressive Test cricket depth that many countries wish for. Glenn Maxwell would have featured in numerous Tests for New Zealand and other nations. In the red-ball cricket position where he bats, the middle-order spot, Australia has consistently been exceptionally strong, boasting great depth in that specific area. I would love to see Glenn Maxwell playing Test innings like that occasionally. However, it’s not a common practice, is it? Perhaps, in 10 years time, Test cricket will evolve to suit that style of player. Unfortunately, Glenn Maxwell may not be around to play it.”

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