“BCCI Hired Tantrik To Do Black Magic On Pakistan In Ahmedabad”-TGN

The Pakistan Cricket Team’s devastating defeat at the hands of India in the high-stakes ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 league game has left their supporters shocked and bewildered. This loss was not merely an ordinary defeat; it was a dismal performance that has ignited a storm of criticism. While many fans are questioning the team’s performance, there is a jaw-dropping allegation making rounds that hints at the involvement of supernatural forces.

Led by Captain Babar Azam, the Pakistan Cricket Team entered the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 with soaring hopes. The clash against their arch-rivals, India, was undeniably the most anticipated match of the tournament. However, the Pakistani team’s performance in this pivotal fixture can only be described as a complete shambles. From the moment they set foot on the field at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, it was apparent that something was amiss.

The Men in Green got off to a promising start after winning the toss and choosing to bat. Nonetheless, the match took a dramatic turn as they lost wickets in rapid succession. Despite a decent beginning, they succumbed under the pressure, particularly against India’s star player, Rohit Sharma, and his formidable team.

What was expected to be a nail-biting contest quickly turned into a one-sided affair as India’s bowlers relentlessly targeted Pakistan’s lineup. The experts and fans alike had anticipated a fiercely competitive match, but it was far from that. The Pakistani supporters were left disheartened, struggling to come to terms with their team’s seven-wicket defeat. This loss not only dashed their hopes in the tournament but also shattered the dreams of countless fans.

In the aftermath of this humiliating defeat, experts and cricket enthusiasts worldwide are urging the Pakistan Cricket Team to engage in profound self-reflection. They believe that learning from the mistakes made in the India game is essential if they wish to remain contenders for the semi-finals. It is imperative for them to make a strong comeback in the upcoming matches.

Pakistani Titoker claims that BCCI Hired Tantrik To Do Black Magic On Pakistan In Ahmedabad

While criticism and introspection are customary after such a performance, a surprising twist in the narrative has left everyone astounded. Hareem Shah, a Pakistani journalist and TikToker, has made a sensational allegation that has captured the attention of cricket fans and experts around the globe. According to Shah, BCCI Honourary Secretary Jay Shah employed a tantrik to perform ‘black magic’ during the India-Pakistan match, orchestrating the defeat of the Babar Azam-led team.

Shah took to social media, particularly Twitter, and wrote, “According to credible source, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah hired famous Black magic expert / tantrik Kartick Chakraborty to do black magic on Team Pakistan. @ICC should investigate. This is unacceptable..!!! #INDvsPAK #PAKvIND”

BCCI Hired Tantrik To Do Black Magic On Pakistan In Ahmedabad

Hareem Shah’s suspicion is primarily based on the timing of the Pakistan team’s batting collapse during the match against India. Until the third wicket fell, with 155 runs on the board and captain Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan at the crease, things were looking promising for Pakistan. However, shortly after Babar’s dismissal, the entire team’s batting collapsed, adding just 36 more runs and losing eight wickets in the process.

Hareem Shah is a well-known Pakistani TikToker and journalist based in London. Her Twitter profile describes her as ‘a free human being with an independent will.’ She joined the micro-blogging website in September 2014 and has amassed a substantial following of 364.6K, with 32.9K followers on X.

While the allegation of black magic in cricket may sound peculiar, one undeniable fact is India’s continued supremacy over Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup. This victory marked India’s eighth consecutive win over their arch-rivals in the ODI World Cup. This has solidified their status as the superior team in this high-stakes contest.

Captain Rohit Sharma’s remarkable performance in the match, scoring 86 runs, and Shreyas Iyer’s unbeaten 53 were pivotal in India’s success. Additionally, Jasprit Bumrah stood out with the ball, earning the player of the match award for his impressive figures of 2/19 from 7 overs, including a maiden over.

Superstitions have always been a part of cricket, with players adhering to their unique practices to ensure they have luck on their side. Some players carry specially coloured clothes in their kits or pockets, while others rely on specific gear they believe brings them good luck. However, the allegation of employing a Tantrik for black magic is indeed unprecedented in the cricket world. These Pakistani fans have turned complete mad after the recent Indo-Pak game.

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