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Drag Queens Meet Zombies In Poster For Horror Comedy Big Easy Queen (EXCLUSIVE)-TGN


  • Big Easy Queens is a horror-comedy set in New Orleans but filmed in Florida, showcasing a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The poster reveals the cast of characters, including drag queens, zombies, and voodoo dolls, capturing the campy and bloody nature of the film.
  • The trailer promises a hilarious showdown between criminal enterprises and undead horrors, blending humor, camp, and drag glam in a delightful queer horror subgenre entry.



Screen Rant is excited to share a first look at the poster for the new horror-comedy, Big Easy Queens. Set in New Orleans, but filmed entirely in Florida in spite of and indeed in reaction to the anti-drag movements of Governor Ron DeSantis, Big Easy Queens is a musical extravaganza where drag meets zombies, in a film that’s a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community of the state. From Writer Robert Leleux and Director Erynn Dalton, the film stars Eric Swanson, Benjamin Shaevitz, and Alexander Zenoz. Big Easy Queens has been making the film festival circuit and is next expected to premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on November 16th.

Minnie Bouvèé (Swanson) is a Mob Queen in the French Quarter of New Orleans with an ongoing rivalry with arch-nemesis Poodle Mackenzie (Jennifer McClain). After Minnie has Poodle’s crew brutally slaughtered, she’s ready for the fallout. What she doesn’t expect is to be stalked by a shadowy figure who has a penchant for leaving behind gardenias and worrisome notes. Minnie finds she must uncover the truth: whether this is Poodle’s revenge or just her own estranged sister’s strange way of saying hi when she reappears in Minnie’s life after stealing Minnie’s man.

A Closer Look At Big Easy Queens

In this first look from Screen Rant at the poster for Big Easy Queens the audience meets the cast of characters. The ladies in drag who headline the show are featured in all their glory, with a sneak peek at one of the musical performances featured in the film. Alongside these gorgeous ladies are some of the horrors that inhabit their world, including zombies and voodoo dolls. The poster features all the glitz, glamour, and camp horror of this self-described “campy neo-giallo delight soaked in blood”.

The trailer for Big Easy Queens sets the stage for a showdown between criminal enterprises and the undead horrors haunting the streets of New Orleans. A bunch of unconnected scenes give a taste of the humor and camp that permeates the film. From zombie screams to drag glam, this film is sure to delight and surprise its audience as it delivers a hilarious new entry to the queer horror subgenre.

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The very definition of an indie film, Big Easy Queens made its big screen debut this summer at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. After a series of screenings in queer culture hubs like West Hollywood, Palm Springs, and more, local drag legend Miss Bouvèé and director Dalton will return to their home state to proudly screen the film at FLIFF ’23.

Big Easy Queens has yet to set a wide release date, but audiences can listen to the soundtrack on all streaming platforms.

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