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Bikeriders Images: Austin Butler & Tom Hardy Bond After A Fight In New ‘60s Biker Movie-TGN

New images from the 1960s-set biker drama The Bikeriders offer a closer look at the characters played by Austin Butler, Tom Hardy, and Jodie Comer.


  • The Bikeriders, directed by Jeff Nichols, has been delayed due to the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike over fair pay.
  • The movie is set in the 1960s and follows a motorcycle club in Chicago involved in dark activities and internal conflicts.
  • Exclusive images from Total Film feature Austin Butler as Benny, alongside his love interest Kathy (Jodie Comer) and his fellow biker Johnny (Tom Hardy).



New images have arrived from The Bikeriders. The upcoming movie, which no longer has a release date after being pulled from the schedule during the ongoing Screen Actors Guild strike as actors fight for fair pay, was written and directed by Jeff Nichols. The 1960s-set movie follows a motorcycle club in the Chicago area that becomes involved in more and more sinister activities as the group’s original intentions are twisted amid backbiting among the membership.

Total Film has shared an exclusive set of images from the movie that offer additional insight into the movie beyond the Bikeriders trailer. All three images center Austin Butler as the complicated Benny. Two pair him with his love interest, Jodie Comer’s slightly more traditional character Kathy, but the other shows him resting after a fight with his fellow biker Johnny, played by Tom Hardy. Check out the gallery below:

The Bikeriders Could Give Austin Butler His Most Complicated Role Yet

Austin Butler riding a bike in The Bikeriders

These images reveal just how important Austin Butler’s Benny is going to be in the overall movie. They also showcase the fact that he is being pulled between two different worlds, even though his love of motorcycles shows through in both areas of his life. Because of this internal conflict, this new Austin Butler movie could very well provide one of the most complicated roles yet for the up-and-coming actor.

Although there have been plenty of Austin Butler movies and television shows since he started acting onscreen in 2005, his most prominent role so far was his Oscar-nominated turn as the title character in Elvis. The roles he has taken since that point have been much more prominent, but they are characters that are more clearly either heroes or villains. For instance, his upcoming projects include playing the crime boss Danny Ryan in City on Fire, Air Force Major Gale Cleven in Masters of the Air, and Paul Atreides’ nemesis Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in Dune: Part Two.

Austin Butler’s first credited role was in a 2006 episode of Hannah Montana.

So far it seems that The Bikeriders is positioning Benny as something of an antihero. While he may have more of a moral center than some of his other biker group members, he will be challenged by the chaotic presence of Johnny in ways that will make his life incredibly difficult. If Butler can pull off this more layered character, he may very well be in the running for yet another Oscar very soon.

Source: Total Film

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