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Namor Cosplay Recreates Wakanda Forever’s Anti-Villain In Vibrant Detail-TGN


  • Namor’s vibrant and comic-inspired costume from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been flawlessly recreated by cosplayer u/LegendaryOutlaw, capturing the character’s Mayan origins and adding a touch of vibrancy to the ensemble.
  • It is uncertain when Namor will make his next appearance in the MCU, as there are no Black Panther sequels or solo movies confirmed. However, the stage has been set for Namor’s character development and potential integration into the Avengers fold.
  • As the MCU’s oldest mutant, Namor could potentially join forces with the X-Men in future movies, but this is likely to occur after the Multiverse saga concludes, indicating there is still a significant amount of time before this collaboration takes place.



A cosplay aficionado has managed to recreate the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever anti-villain, Namor, in strikingly vibrant detail. The Maya-descended mutant and newfound rival of Black Panther, Namor, was finally introduced in Marvel’s Phase 4, potentially setting him up to be a future Avengers ally. His cinematic debut deviated slightly from the source material’s Namor, whose origins are more adjacent to DC’s Arthur Curry, down to his half-Atlantean heritage. The MCU Namor’s Mayan origins, however, has allowed for Marvel to explore a more colorful backstory for the character, leading to some of the franchise’s most engaging recent world-building – and a similarly eye-catching redesign for Namor himself.

Cosplayer u/LegendaryOutlaw (via Reddit) has seized on the opportunity to recreate this eye-popping ensemble with gusto. Their take on the MCU’s version of Namor has even brought a little more vibrancy to the wardrobe, treading the line between the MCU rendition and a more comic-inspired feel. LegendaryOutlaw says that the majority of the outfit was made from EVA foam with laser etchings, for which the movie and official merchandise was used as a point of reference. The ensemble took hours to put together, and the results speak volumes.

When Will Namor Be Seen Next In The MCU?

Tenoch Huerta as Namor in Black Panther Wakanda Forever

It is unlikely that Namor will be seen again until at least Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. With no Black Panther on the horizon nor any solo outing, Namor’s options are limited when it comes to other movies that he can appear in. This is simply because he hasn’t been tied to any other hero, other than a possible reference to him in the background of Iron Man 2. The stage has been set, however, to have Namor ousted from his country owing to his perceived submission to the Wakandans, which could lead him right into the Avengers fold.

In addition, Namor was established in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as the MCU’s oldest mutant, and one of the first to be introduced (alongside Kamala Khan). Given that Namor has been an ally of the X-Men in the comics, there is also a high chance he could join up with the X-Men when they are finally introduced to the MCU. This doesn’t look likely until post-Multiverse saga, however – so there is still a long time to go yet.

Source: LegendaryOutlaw/Reddit

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