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Homelander Is Triumphant & Butcher Is In The Aftermath In First The Boys Season 4 Posters-TGN


  • New posters for The Boys season 4 reveal a stark contrast between Homelander and Butcher.
  • In one poster, Homelander is celebrating while surrounded by confetti.
  • In the other, Butcher is looking forlorn among fallen balloons.



New The Boys season 4 posters show off a huge divide between Homelander and Butcher. The Prime Video superhero show, which is based on the comic book series of the same name, is returning for season 4 in 2024. Two of the primary characters are Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), the leader of the vigilante group The Boys, and Homelander (Antony Starr), the leader of the corrupt superhero team known as The Seven.

On the official Boys Twitter account, two new posters for The Boys season 4 were unveiled. Check them out below:

The caption on the post reads, “Let’s light this candle.” Both posters are also celebratory, though the characters react very differently from one another. While Homelander is being showered in confetti and celebrating, Butcher is lurking forlornly among fallen balloons.

Homelander & Butcher’s The Boys Season 4 Story Will Be Explosive

Although the Boys cast features a wide ensemble of heroes and villains, the rivalry between Butcher and Homelander lies at the heart of the show. Season 3 saw the characters on the precipice of a brand-new chapter in their animosity as they came to blows after Butcher took Temp V. However, Homelander’s story continued in a surprising manner more than a year after the season 3 finale, which debuted in July 2022.

Temp V gives the user superpowers for a 24-hour period.

Both characters made appearances in the Gen V season 1 finale, tying the Boys spinoff even more into the overall universe. While Butcher’s cameo was in a mid-credits scene setting up season 4, Homelander had a much more prominent role in the episode itself. Although he has kept up a facade of peace and justice over the years, his far-right tendencies came to the fore when he publicly sided with supe supremacists at Godolkin University.

This could mean that Homelander will officially be leading the supe supremacist charge in The Boys season 4. Not only will this make Butcher’s devotion to the mission of taking him down even stronger, it could position Butcher as Enemy No. 1 for the powerful supe. Butcher hasn’t always been the highest target on Homelander’s radar, but if the Seven leader is taking a more openly pro-supe position, this could change drastically and massively impact the plot of the coming season.

Source: The Boys/Twitter

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