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Constellation’s Multiple Versions Of Jo Get Clarifying Explanation From Star Noomi Rapace-TGN

EXCLUSIVE: Constellation star Noomi Rapace offers a clarifying explanation for the multiple versions of Jo, explaining what makes them different.

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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Constellation episode 8!




  • Noomi Rapace compares the two different versions of Jo in
    , highlighting their contrasting personalities and relationships.
  • Jo A, the living version of her, is warm, funny, and family-oriented, while Jo B, the one on the ISS, is strict, career-driven, and unfaithful.
  • Rapace expresses interest in exploring the complexities of Jo B’s character further in

Constellation star Noomi Rapace has offered an explanation that clarifies the difference between the two versions of Jo seen in the series. The sci-fi show sees its main character switch into a reality where she died on the ISS, now in a world slightly different from her original one. This includes things like the existence of Henry Caldera and the CAL, alongside her other self having cheated on her husband.

Speaking with Screen Rant, Rapace explained the difference between both versions of Jo, and how they’re very different characters in Constellation. Referring to the live version as Jo A and the other as Jo B, the actor explained how version A has a more positive relationship with her family than version B. She also expressed interest in exploring more of the B version of the character. Check out what Rapace had to say below:

Jo A is funnier, a little bit more easygoing, less strict, more charming, a bit more cheerful. And also, her relationship with Alice is more emotional. She doesn’t really take things as serious, I would say. Jo B is very career-driven, very strict, very, very hardworking, very disciplined. She decides to do something, she’ll do it. She’s not as warm and funny, not as giving, and probably a bit stricter with Alice, as well. And she’s not loyal, as you know. (Laughs) She’s doing her own thing, she’s cheating on her husband, she’s planning to go off on some adventure to work somewhere else in California. I would say that Jo A is closer to my heart just from that, but Jo B is highly interesting, and I would love to explore more of her. She’s more ruthless, I would say, in her ways. She fights really hard for what she wants, so I’m not sure how far she would go.

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