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The Creator Trailer: Get A Load Of This Ambitious Sci-Fi Movie Worldbuilding & VFX-TGN


  • The new trailer for Gareth Edwards’ upcoming film, The Creator, showcases ambitious worldbuilding, action, and visual effects, similar to his previous works like Rogue One and Godzilla.
  • The film features a talented cast including John David Washington, Gemma Chan, and Ken Watanabe, with some playing humans and others playing AI.
  • The Creator will delve into deep themes reminiscent of those in Blade Runner, exploring the essence of humanity and whether love can transcend the boundary between humans and AI.

The Creator‘s ambitious science-fiction worldbuilding, action, and VFX are all shown off in a new trailer for the upcoming Gareth Edwards movie. Best known for directing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Creator serves as Edwards’ first feature film since the 2016 hit. The upcoming movie stars John David Washington as Joshua, a man on the frontlines of a war between humans and AI, who discovers that a robot child might be the key to humanity’s future.

Now, as The Creator‘s release date approaches, 20th Century Studios has released a new featurette-style trailer for the film showing off more of what’s to come. Check out the new trailer below:

The trailer features interviews with Edwards and Washington, among others, who stress just how ambitious the project is in its scope, scale, and worldbuilding. The clips featured also show off more of the film’s atmosphere, including the juxtaposition of vast sci-fi cityscapes and beautiful natural vistas.

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What To Expect From The Creator

Rogue One is widely considered one of the best recent Star Wars movies, but Edwards also showed off his talent for large-scale blockbuster storytelling in 2014’s Godzilla. Edwards’ feature film resume may be somewhat short, but both of these projects alone make it abundantly clear that, from a VFX standpoint, the filmmaker knows how to bring a heightened reality to life to staggering effect.

In addition to strong talent behind the camera, The Creator‘s cast is proof that there will also be no shortage of it on-screen. In addition to Washington, the film stars Gemma Chan, Allison Janney, Ken Watanabe, Sturgill Simpson, Marc Menchaca, and Ralph Inneson, among others. While some of the actors are playing humans, others are playing AI, with Watanabe’s Harun, for example, shown to be an android in the trailer.

It’s still not entirely clear how all of these characters will fit into the story, but The Creator will see Washington as a soldier fighting to save humanity against AI. When he is tasked with destroying a robot child, however, Joshua seemingly sets out on his own to protect it, with trailers teasing that he finds himself part of an AI resistance movement. Clearly, then, The Creator will explore some very deep, Blade Runner-like themes of just what it means to be human, meaning the movie could be far more than just its jaw-dropping visuals.

Source: 20th Century Studios/ YouTube

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