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Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Gets Positive Update Following Tentative Strike End-TGN


  • Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 is set to start production immediately as the actors’ strike reaches a tentative end.
  • The season 1 finale introduces a mysterious Gold Star twist that will be explored further in the upcoming episodes.
  • The identity of the person who walks into the interrogation room at the end of the finale remains a cliffhanger, but with production resuming, an answer may be provided soon.



Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 gets a positive update, with the actors’ strike reaching a tentative end. Debuting in late 2022, the Criminal Minds revival returned to the BAU for a story that looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected serial killers and caused them to change their tactics. Several key actors from the original show reprised their roles for the popular revival, which earned a swift season 2 renewal and delivered a finale with big lingering questions.

According to Deadline, which gave an update on the television landscape post-strike, Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 is one of the productions that are looking to start “prep immediately.” The bulk of the shows listed are for broadcast, such as Grey’s Anatomy for ABC and the long-running CBS procedural NCIS. But in the case of Criminal Minds: Evolution, the show streams on Paramount+.

Deadline mentions that most productions will start up between late November and early December.

What To Expect From Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

Prentiss, Rossi and Lewis stand together in an elevator in Criminal Minds Evolution

In the final episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1, Rossi saves himself and the BAU finds him after they take the villainous Voit into custody. However, not everything ends up being so neatly cleared up. Voit shoots and kills Doug Bailey, the deputy director, who tries to negotiate with the killer. It’s since been confirmed by showrunner Erica Messer that Bailey could return via flashbacks, with the Paramount+ revival revealing more about the character that gradually became an ally to the show’s main group.

The closing episode notably sets up the Gold Star mystery. Voit employs the words, and whatever it’s meant to indicate, it rattles the Criminal Minds protagonists. It’s enough that the Attorney General is advised to let Voit go at one point. Messer confirmed that the Gold Star twist will factor into the show’s upcoming episodes, building upon the foundation set up in the revival’s first outing.

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Perhaps most significantly, there’s the Criminal Minds: Evolution cliffhanger regarding who walks into the interrogation room to speak with Voit at the end of the finale. The reveal is kept vague. With the actors’ strike tentatively coming to a close, there’s renewed optimism that an answer could be provided in the coming months as production is readying up in a hurry.

Source: Deadline

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