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Deadpool 3 Director Hints At Who Wins Its Wolverine Vs. Deadpool Fight A Year Before It Releases-TGN


  • In Deadpool 3, fans can expect a showdown between Deadpool and Wolverine, making up for their botched collaboration in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • Director Shawn Levy suggests that Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, is open to the idea of his character losing to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.
  • Deadpool’s potential loss in the upcoming film fits with Marvel’s formula of concluding trilogies by having heroes face defeat and set up new storylines for future films. The release date of Deadpool 3 is still uncertain due to various factors affecting the MCU’s schedule.



Shawn Levy teases who wins between Deadpool and Wolverine in Deadpool 3. After years of clamor, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s respective mutants are finally teaming up in the upcoming threequel. This marks this reunion since the critically panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine and offers an opportunity to make up for their botched collaboration. Considering their contentious dynamic, however, fans should expect a lot of bickering, including actual fights between the fan-favorites.Appearing in The Jesse Cagle Show, Levy offers an idea about who eventually wins in the Deadpool vs. Wolverine fight in Deadpool 3. Watch his full interview below:

Interestingly, Reynolds actually likes the idea of Deadpool losing. This makes the possibility of Wade Wilson getting defeated by Wolverine in Deadpool 3, with Levy saying:

“Hugh is such a fan of Ryan’s and Ryan knows the opportunity that it is to have Wolverine co-star in a Deadpool movie. Both guys are always trying to set up the other to win and I’ll say this, because Ryan also was my fellow writer on this movie and is my fellow producer on this movie at every turn, Ryan is amazing at wanting Deadpool to lose.” “The truth is that Deadpool’s awesome, but he’s deeply flawed and Wolverine is Wolverine and so I’ll just say that as a 360-(degree) creative force Ryan operates from a place of ‘what’s going to be most satisfying to the story’ not from a place of ‘well, I gotta get equal number of victories and punches into the other character’.” “…for us as audience members because I count myself — I’m an audience member before I’m a director — to get these two movie stars in their most iconic roles, together, is a dream come true.”

Deadpool Losing In Deadpool 3 Fits MCU’s Trilogy Formula

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Before Disney acquired Fox’s movie and TV assets, the Deadpool franchise lived separately from the MCU. Unlike the X-Men universe, Marvel Studios opted to absorb Reynolds’ sub-franchise instead of rebooting, considering how popular it is. So although it will be under new management, it will maintain its identity, which is great news for fans of what Reynolds has done to the IP. That being said, Deadpool actually losing in Deadpool 3 will fit with Kevin Feige and his team’s storytelling approach for their threequels.As seen in Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War, Thor: Ragnarok, and even Spider-Man: No Way Home, heroes tend to lose something integral in their trilogy-cappers. This allows them to wrap up their initial arcs and start something new as they move forward in the MCU. Deadpool losing to Wolverine in Deadpool 3 fits this trend, as it will be the first time that the character will suffer a proper defeat. In any case, this doesn’t mean that Deadpool being defeated is actually a bad thing. Perhaps, it’s something necessary to launch his next story in the franchise.Related: Deadpool 3: Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know Aside from its actual story, Deadpool 3‘s release date is also a big topic among fans, with reports claiming that the film is now delayed. Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to address the possibility, which means that the project maintains its May 2024 release date. That being said, it’s still possible that another schedule reshuffling is imminent for the MCU, considering the recently concluded WGA strike and still-ongoing SAG-AFTRA protests.Source: The Jess Cagle Show/YouTube

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