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David Tennant’s Doctor Floats In Strange Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Image-TGN

David Tennant’s new Doctor character floats among a mysterious background set in a new image for the upcoming Doctor Who specials.


  • David Tennant returns as the Fourteenth Doctor in the upcoming Doctor Who anniversary specials, set to air in November.
  • Despite playing a new incarnation of the Doctor, Tennant’s character retains some of the original Doctor Who sensibilities.
  • Audiences can look forward to uncovering the plot behind Tennant’s expressive and befuddled look when the specials release next month.



David Tennant floats in a mysterious set in a new image from the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials. After playing the Tenth Doctor from 2005–2010, Tennant will return alongside Donna Noble actress Catherine Tate in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials. The 60th anniversary specials will air this November in advance of Doctor Who season 14.

Empire reveals a new image of Tennant in the upcoming Doctor Who specials. In the image, Tennant’s Time Lord sees his feet suspended in the air as he floats above the ground. Carrying a sonic screwdriver and an exasperated countenance, the Time Lord tinkers with some dubious switches in a brand new set.

David Tennant floats in Doctor Who specials

David Tennant’s New Doctor Who Character Explained

Doctor Who; I don't want to go

When Tennant’s return to Doctor Who was first announced, it was assumed that he would be playing some reprised version of his Tenth Doctor character. Instead, BBC later made the announcement that Tennant would instead play a new reincarnation of the Time Lord, the Fourteenth Doctor. This meant that Doctor Who newcomer Time Lord Ncuti Gatwa will be playing the Fifteenth Doctor after Tennant’s second Doctor Who term, rather than the previously-assumed Fourteenth Doctor.

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Even playing a different reincarnation, Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor recalls some of his original Doctor Who sensibilities. This can be witnessed in this image in part through the costume, which, while updated, still features the actor’s signature Converse shoes. Tennant also still has his iconic Sonic Screwdriver in this most recent Doctor Who image. These similarities will be comforting to those missing Tennant’s original tenure on Doctor Who and viewers will get another chance to see Tennant in the classic role.

This Doctor Who image reveals little in the way of plot details for the upcoming Doctor Who specials. Nonetheless,Tennant’s befuddled look is characteristically expressive, showing that Tennant has not lost his Doctor Who charm. Doctor Who fans will not have to wait much longer to uncover the plot behind this expression as the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials release next month.

Source: Empire

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