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Doctor Who Trailer Uses Epic Twelfth Doctor Speech In Perfect Build Up To 60th Anniversary Specials-TGN


  • A fan-made trailer for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials is building up anticipation with stunning visuals and a powerful speech by Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.
  • The return of David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and the reintroduction of the Celestial Toymaker are adding to the excitement of the specials and may reveal more about the DoctorDonna and the Toymaker’s role.
  • The long-awaited introduction of Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor adds to the anticipation, as viewers eagerly wait for the release date of the specials.



A fan-made Doctor Who trailer is providing an epic build-up to the 60th Anniversary specials. Having been on air since 1963, the show has cycled through over a dozen leading actors and dozens more companions. The Doctor was first played by William Hartnell, but the modern era brought in Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Jodie Whittaker, and the upcoming Ncuti Gatwa to play the show’s leading star.

As the wait for the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary specials continues, YouTuber Mr Who put together a stunning new trailer meant to build up to the specials. Check it out below:

The trailer features Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor delivering a stunning speech about time’s inability to forget. The trailer flashes through every modern Doctor, before eventually settling on footage revealed in the 60th Anniversary teasers. Epic music offers a sharp build-up to the end, which features Donna Noble threatening a mysterious enemy.

The Rising Anticipation For The 60th Anniversary Specials

David Tennant's Doctor talking to Donna in Doctor Who 60th anniversary trailer

Mr Who’s trailer is meant to build anticipation for the upcoming specials. A large part of that excitement is the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate to the show. While Tennant has returned before, Tate has been away from the series for years. Tate will finally be able to provide a truly conclusive end to Donna’s story, which can also potentially revise the tragedy that has been plaguing Donna since she first became the DoctorDonna.

Tennant and Tate are not playing the only returning Doctor Who characters. The Celestial Toymaker will be making his reintroduction after decades away. Originally a major villain of the classic version of the show, the Toymaker is a mysterious figure with a confusing origin and even more confusing motivations. Just as the specials may reveal more about the dangers of the DoctorDonna, it could also reveal the Toymaker’s true role in the universe.

The specials will also include the long-awaited introduction of Gatwa’s Doctor. While Gatwa should have been introduced in Whittaker’s final episode, titled The Power of the Doctor, Whittaker instead regenerated into Tennant’s version of the Doctor. It was a surprising moment meant to entice audiences to wait until the specials before they could meet the leading cast member for season 14. With the release date still unknown, the excitement for the Doctor Who specials will only continue to grow until the episodes finally air.

Source: Mr Who / YouTube

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