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Future Classic Doctor Who Restorations Teased By Russell T Davies-TGN


  • Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies plans to restore more classic era stories, following the colorization of “The Daleks” for the 60th anniversary.
  • The restoration of “The Daleks” includes not just colorization, but also new score, updated VFX shots, and edited storyline for modern audience accessibility.
  • Davies aims to make Doctor Who‘s past more accessible for audiences everywhere, with potential yearly releases of restored classic stories.



Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies teases that other classic era stories could receive similar restorations to the 60th anniversary’s colorization of the 1960s story “The Daleks.” The long-running sci-fi series will see a number of productions released that both reflect on the show’s history and pave the way for the showrunner’s new era for Doctor Who season 14. The upcoming restoration of “The Daleks” will see the debut of the Doctor’s deadliest enemy revitalized for a new generation, with the black and white footage being painstakingly colorized and edited.

Ahead of the upcoming Daleks’ colorization debut on November 23 to mark the show’s anniversary, Davies revealed to the official Doctor Who Magazine (via RadioTimes) that he has further plans for similar restorations of classic stories. When opening up about the busy schedule that he and returning Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson had currently, the showrunner stated that he had enjoyed seeing the progress on “The Daleks” restoration, before hinting that future restorations could become a yearly release for the franchise. Check out Davies’ full response below:

Doctor Who is very busy and very mad, but it’s been a constant source of joy for me and Phil that every couple of weeks we can return to The Daleks and see how it’s coming along. I absolutely love it. I really think it validates everything we set out to do. And we’re starting work on next year’s already.

How Russell T Davies Is Making Classic Doctor Who Accessible

While many eyes have been focused on what Davies has in store for Doctor Who‘s future with Ncuti Gatwa in the leading role and other potential new spin-offs, the showrunner has also made efforts to make the classic era more accessible to modern audiences. With the upcoming restoration of “The Daleks”, not only will the footage be colorized, but the story will receive a new score and feature several new scenes and updated VFX shots. Furthermore, the original seven-part serial will be edited down to have a 75-minute runtime, editing the storyline to a format that viewers more used to the modern era’s shorter lengths could find more approachable.

Alongside the restorations, the Tales of the TARDIS spin-off also gave modern viewers another method to consuming classic era storylines. Set within the framing device of former companions and Doctors reflecting on past adventures, the series features classic storylines that revisit influential stories including “The Time Meddler”, “The Three Doctors”, and “Earthshock”. While the re-edited classic Doctor Who stories can provide new audiences with a new method to delve into the classic era, the new footage gives older stories heartwarming reunions with beloved characters.

While David Tennant’s 60th-anniversary return will provide viewerswith new adventures, “The Daleks” restoration has excited audiences with the opportunity to see one of Doctor Who‘s earliest tales. With Davies teasing that the restorations could potentially become a yearly release, it is clear that the showrunner’s mind is not only on the franchise’s future, but making its past more accessible for audiences everywhere. As “The Daleks” kicks off a new line of Doctor Who releases, many may wonder which black-and-white story from the show’s surviving serials could be revitalized in 2024.

While UK audiences can see Doctor Who: The Daleks in Colour on BBC Four and BBC iPlayer on November 23, it has been confirmed that the story will receive a home release internationally on DVD and Blu-Ray in 2024.

Source: Doctor Who Magazine (Via RadioTimes)

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