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“We’re Calling It Season 1”: Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Who Era Launches New Phase For Show, RTD Confirms -TGN

Russell T. Davies confirms that Ncuti Gatwa’s first Doctor Who season will be referred to as season 1, kicking off a surprising new era of the show.

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  • Ncuti Gatwa’s first season as the Fifteenth Doctor will be referred to as “season one,” signaling a fresh start for the long-running sci-fi series.
  • The 2024 season will be a new chapter for Doctor Who, separate from the previous seasons, and will not be labeled as season 14.
  • The upcoming adventures of the Fifteenth Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday will be available on Disney+.



Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies reveals that Ncuti Gatwa’s first season will be referred to as “season one” rather than season 14 of the revived series, kicking off a surprising all-new era of the long-running sci-fi series. The Sex Education star will take the keys to the TARDIS following David Tennant’s 60th-anniversary inventions. Gatwa’s debut will occur during a 2023 seasonal special set to air in December, where audiences will meet his Fifteenth Doctor alongside his first companion, Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday.

While Doctor Who‘s 60th-anniversary celebrations will celebrate the show’s past, Russell T. Davies confirmed to SFX Magazine that Gatwa’s first full season will be a new start for the show. The showrunner revealed rather than season 14, the 2024 season will be referred to as “season one“. Check out Davies’s response below:

“Because people are beginning to ask “Why is there no Disney push behind this? That’s coming in (Redacted). Ooh, we’re not supposed to say (Redacted), are we? Next year, season one. Yes, we’re calling it season one.

This is a developing story…

Seasons 1-13 of Doctor Who’s revival are available on Max, while the 60th-anniversary and Gatwa’s upcoming adventures will be available on Disney+, beginning with the milestone episodes on November 25. Doctor Who is available on BBC IPlayer in the UK.

Source: SFX Magazine

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