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Why Subtle Encanto Scene Is One Of The Disney Movie’s Most Impressive Explained By VFX Artists-TGN


  • The scene between Mirabel and Antonio under the bed in Encanto is simple yet impressive, with animator Dave Hardin making the character’s movements appear natural.
  • While some scenes in Encanto may be more visually spectacular, the quieter moments like Mirabel’s conversation with Antonio should not be overlooked.
  • The attention to detail in the animation of Encanto, even in subtler moments, demonstrates the skill and effort involved in creating the movie’s visuals.



VFX artists explain what makes a subtle Encanto scene one of the movie’s most impressive. The animated film tracks the efforts of 15-year-old Mirabel Madrigal to save her family when the source of their magic suddenly begins to disappear. Encanto‘s popularity grew following its Disney+ release, and since then, the movie has been praised for its story, depicting a multigenerational household, as well as its soundtrack. The cast of Encanto includes Stephanie Beatriz, María Cecilia Botero, John Leguizamo, Diane Guerrero, Jessica Darrow, Angie Cepeda, Wilmer Valderrama, and more.

In Corridor Crew‘s latest video, guest Alex Snow discussed why one particular scene from Encanto is so impressive. Looking at the moment between Mirabel and Antonio, where she talked to her little cousin about receiving his own door, Snow explained that while simple, animator Dave Hardin managed to make the character’s movements appear natural. Read Snow’s comments regarding that scene from Encanto below:

This scene specifically, to me, stood out watching the movie as just a really well done moment. Even though it’s a very like subtle and heartfelt moment, he’s pushing shapes and timing as she gets, you know, a little goofier as she’s trying to cheer him up… I just love like the choices being made. Also, they’re under a bed and like super contained and there’s only so much movement and things you can do, but I think that also enhances the performance of like her hands are opening, closing, but pretty much her general pose only changes once or twice, and then you see her face kind of die down, go really internal and think.

What Makes Encanto’s Animation Memorable?

The Madrigal family surrounded by light in the night sky on Encanto

Encanto features impressive animation throughout, including when Antonio first opens his door in Casita to discover a vast wilderness, or when Mirabel and Alma embrace near the end of the film, becoming surrounded by butterflies. That scene discussed in the video, because it’s quieter in comparison, might get overlooked by audiences, but Snow explained how Mirabel’s movement and facial expressions make it memorable. He noted that at times, animation can be restricted, but when characters are given more to do, “it feels more real.”

Disney’s Encanto won Best Animated Feature at the 94th Academy Awards.

It was previously revealed that in order to create another scene from Encanto, Mirabel’s arms were edited. At one point in the film, she comes across broken glass and, deciding to put the pieces back together, forms an image of herself. It might not have been a spectacle, similar to Encanto‘s musical numbers, or other previously mentioned moments, but it further demonstrates the type of work involved with the movie’s animation.

It’s interesting to hear Snow’s thoughts about Encanto and to learn what scene he was impressed with the most. The animation continues to be a source of praise, and by highlighting that particular moment, audiences get to see just how detailed it really was, giving them a new appreciation for the more subtle parts of the film.

Source: Corridor Crew/YouTube

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