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ENG vs NZ: Ben Stokes is an example of success in the prestigious world of cricket, a sport known for producing heroes and shattering records. That day at London’s Kennington Oval, Stokes wrote himself into the record books of not only England’s cricket fans but of cricket fans everywhere. His innings of 182 runs off 124 balls was the greatest by an English player in a One-Day International.

Ben Stokes’s extraordinary batting skills eclipsed all prior records. In a match against Australia in 2018, Jason Roy scored 180, but his stunning knock broke that record. Charlotte Edwards’s score of 173 against Ireland was the highest ever in women’s cricket. But Stokes’ incredible innings stood out from the others and demonstrated his superiority on the pitch.

The sheer force and accuracy with which Stokes hit the ball to the boundary was the defining feature of his innings. Incredibly, he hit a total of 24 boundaries across his innings (9 sixes and 15 fours). With almost five overs to go, England’s unrelenting attack pushed their score above 350. Fans and detractors alike were awestruck by the unbelievable level of ability and dedication.

Ben Stokes’ interesting decision to temporarily quit One-Day International cricket adds another aspect to his extraordinary journey. He had made the choice to abandon the format in favour of emphasising his batting. During this time, Jos Buttler called and begged him to rejoin the ODI team for the World Cup. Stokes agreed to the bet and said he would only serve as a batsman. Buttler, England’s wicketkeeper-batsman, was prepared to put his faith in Stokes because he thought he had something unique to offer.

Stokes’s comeback in One-Day Internationals was incredible. He immediately started doing incredible things, demonstrating his versatility and skill. His extraordinary work ethic and dedication to cricket won him the respect of both fans and his peers in the sport. Former Indian cricket team skipper Virat Kohli has publicly said that Stokes is his favourite player. The influence Stokes has had on cricket is highlighted by such high praise from one of the contemporary game’s greatest players.

ENG vs NZ: Fans React As Ben Stokes Scores 182 Runs off 124 Balls

Not only was the innings of 182 against New Zealand impressive, but it was also a statement of purpose. Stokes showed an uncommonly rare combination of power and accuracy in cricket. His career in cricket is defined by the intensity and dedication he displays with every boundary he hits.

Ben Stokes’s ability to smash the ball with force has always stood out among his many skills as a cricket player. Stokes’s hitting is a sight to see, whether he is sending the ball flying over the boundary or finding gaps in the field with surgical accuracy. This is the kind of display that sticks in the imaginations of cricket fans forever.

Ben Stokes’ innings of 182 off 124 balls against New Zealand at the Kennington Oval in London was nothing short of extraordinary in a sport where records are treasured and legends are celebrated. It was an exhibition of extraordinary talent, grit, and fair play. Stokes’ commitment to cricket is evident in his rise from a brief retirement to England’s all-time leading run scorer in one-day internationals.

As cricket fans, all we can do is be in awe of this extraordinary cricketer’s skill and personality. Whether you’re an English cricket purist or a fan from the other side of the world, you can’t help but remember Ben Stokes’s innings.

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