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Equalizer 3 Director Teases Prequel With De-Aged Denzel Washington-TGN

The Equalizer 3 director Antoine Fuqua teases a possible prequel film featuring a de-aged Denzel Washington playing a young version of Robert McCall.


  • Director Antoine Fuqua reveals plans for a possible prequel film featuring a de-aged Denzel Washington as a younger Robert McCall in The Equalizer trilogy.
  • Fuqua has been discussing ideas with writer Richard Wenk about exploring the story of how Robert became the person he is in the present movies.
  • A prequel movie would have a different storyline, potentially focusing on Robert’s past with characters such as Susan Plummer and Dave York from The Equalizer 2.

The Equalizer 3 director Antoine Fuqua reveals there have been talks about a possible prequel movie featuring a de-aged Denzel Washington returning as a younger Robert McCall. The Equalizer trilogy sees Washington as a retired US Marine and Defense Intelligence Agency officer going up against criminals who threaten the people he cares about. All three entries in the franchise have been directed by Fuqua, with the upcoming third installment set to end the film series.

However, while speaking to NME, Fuqua revealed plans for a possible prequel film after The Equalizer 3 is released. He says he has been discussing ideas with writer Richard Wenk about a movie featuring Washington de-aged by AI playing a young version of Robert. Check out what Fuqua had to say below:

I definitely thought about it a lot. Especially now with the new technology and the AI and all of that kind of stuff… Is there a story to be told about how (McCall) became this person – the younger version. I’ve had that conversation with Richard Wenk (who co-wrote all three Equalizer films) quite a bit.

What Would An Equalizer Prequel Look Like?

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall breaking a man's hand in The Equalizer 3

Fuqua and Washington’s The Equalizer trilogy often focuses on Robert having to use his skills from his past to protect people he knows in the present. As revealed ahead of release, Robert threatens the Italian mafia in The Equalizer 3 after they hurt people he knows. Robert getting justice for people he cares about by killing criminals has been a defining staple of every film in the franchise.

If a prequel movie were to be made, it would have a very different story, as Robert would no doubt be working for the DIA. One possible story that could be presented is his past with Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) and Dave York (Pedro Pascal) from The Equalizer 2. Since Robert used to work with both Susan and Dave in his DIA days, Leo and Pascal could get the chance to return to their roles in de-aged form.

While it’s unclear if a prequel movie would happen, it hints at the possibility that Washington will return as Robert in the future. However, the cost of de-aging actors for what could be a two-hour movie is also an issue that needs to be accounted for before a prequel can be produced. Whether a prequel film comes to fruition, Washington will still give a memorable performance as Robert in The Equalizer 3.

Source: NME

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