Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solution Scroll Goes Live-TGN

Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solution Scroll Goes Live-TGN
Source: Scroll

Scroll, an Ethereum layer 2 (L2), has announced the launch of its zkEVM mainnet, which allows developers to have increased speeds, latency, and lower fees to build decentralized applications (dApps).

According to the open letter by the L2 network blog on October 17, the launch of Scroll mainnet came after over 15 months of extensive testnets and security audits. 

The mainnet will offer an EVM-compatible solution that enables a seamless experience for existing dApps and developers to migrate from Ethereum to Scroll. 

All EVM opcodes, including PUSH0, and six precompiles, such as ecPairing, will allow developers to deploy ZK applications on Scroll with zero complexities. 

The open letter also stated that the mainnet integrated the Geth codebase to minimize deviations from Ethereum, deepen node compatibility, and simplify adoptions for various users. 

There is an incorporation of security measures, contract audits from OpenZeppelin and Zellic, and a well-funded bug bounty program. 

Haichen Schen, the co-founder of Scroll, iterated that Scroll enables a holistic security approach as it maintains an internal security team and remains open-source. 

The 15-month testnet phase has seen over 450,000 smart contracts deployed on over 90 million transactions. This was at an average transaction of a staggering 305,000 transactions daily. 

Scroll’s testnet has also produced over 9 million blocks and 280,000 ZK proofs.

Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling Solution Scroll Goes Live-TGN
Source: Scroll’s Blog

Meanwhile, the layer two network team stated plans to continue with its most recent testnet, Scroll Sepolia, as a testing ground for all upgrades to its Mainnet. 

Sepolia has already recorded over 900,000 wallet addresses created and generated over six million transactions with over 100 projects deployed on Scroll testnets. 

Scroll Web3 and A New Pathway To Decentralization 

Scroll was founded in 2021 by Ethereum blockchain enthusiasts and developers focused on enhancing zero-knowledge proofs of the proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. 

Sandy Peng, co-founder of Scroll, cited that the layer two development team sees a future where most value transfers are processed on L2s deployed on Ethereum. 

However, what will drive massive adoption will be an improved user and developer experience, which Scroll zkEVM mainnet aims to bring. 

Peng added that enabling developers to build dApps that anchor Web3 in real-life utilities will attract new users and move everyone forward. 

The next phase for the Scroll development team is the research roadmap for its introduction of a decentralized prover network and decentralized sequencer. 

The team plans to develop a protocol upgrade that will enable forced batches, allowing the permissionless publication of batches through the base layers in events of a sequencer going offline.

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