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Euphoria Season 3: Zendaya’s Rue Gets An Update After Ambiguous Season 2 Ending-TGN

Euphoria creator Sam Levinson shares his plans for season 3 and Zendaya’s character Rue after the ambiguous season 2 ending.

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  • Euphoria season 3 will continue after season 2’s ambiguous ending, possibly with a time jump after the characters have graduated.
  • Creator Sam Levinson plans to approach season 3 as a “film noir” and wants to explore the concept of individual principles in a corrupt world through Rue.
  • More details about Euphoria season 3 are yet to be revealed.

Euphoria season 3 receives an update from creator Sam Levinson after the ambiguous season 2 ending. Premiered in 2019, HBO’s highly acclaimed teen drama follows the two-time Emmy winner Zendaya as Rue, a recovering teenage drug addict, and her equally troubled friends as they navigate the complexities of high school life. The Euphoria season 2 ending hinted at a time jump, possibly to a time when the characters have graduated from high school.

For Zendaya’s new profile by Elle, which was conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, Levinson shared his plans for Euphoria season 3. The show’s creator, writer, and director says that he sees the next season as a “film noir” and, through Rue, he plans to “explore what it means to be an individual with principles in a corrupt world.”

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