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Fallout TV Show Poster: Vault 33 Location Confirmed & Release Date Window Confirmed-TGN


  • Prime Video has released the first poster for the Fallout TV series, teasing a 2024 release window.
  • The promotional artwork features the iconic Vault-Boy mascot and captures the retro 1950s aesthetic of the game franchise.
  • While details about the show’s story remain under wraps, Vault 33 could serve as a starting point for the main characters to explore the wasteland and introduce audiences to the Fallout universe.

Vault-Tec invites audiences to visit Vault 33 in Los Angeles, as Prime Video releases the first poster for their upcoming Fallout television show, teasing a 2024 release window for the post-apocalyptic series. Taking place in an alternate world, the Fallout franchise combines a nuclear wasteland with the retro aesthetics of the 1950s in various RPG games set across the irradiated remains of America after a cataclysmic global conflict. The television series was penned by Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, while Tomb Raider 2018 screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner serve as showrunners together.

With Fallout seemingly wrapping up filming in March, official promotion for the upcoming video game adaptation has been ramped up by the official Prime Video Twitter account through the release of a new poster.

In the Tweet above, the show’s Los Angeles setting is highlighted, as audiences are invited to see Vault-Tec’s advanced nuclear bomb shelter Vault 33 on a currently unspecified date in 2024. The piece of promotional artwork features the highly recognizable Vault-Boy mascot dressed in a Vault 33 jumpsuit on artwork heavily inspired by 1950s advertising, matching the game’s distinct esthetics.

What Does Vault 33 Mean For The Fallout TV Show’s Story

Despite bringing the world of the popular franchise to the small screen for the first time, Fallout‘s narrative has been kept under tight wraps outside the series’ basic premise and setting. While familiar Fallout iconography including the Red Rocket truck stops seen across the games has been brought to life and a cast featuring Justified‘s Walton Goggins and Yellowjackets Ella Purnell has been revealed, there are no officially released synopsis or character biographies currently available.

One of Fallout‘s first teasers centered on Vault 33, as the first image released from the upcoming series depicted two Vault 33 residents watching the shelter’s door opening to reveal a mysterious stranger standing at the entrance. While Vault-Tec’s vaults did provide shelter for those lucky enough to find a place, many were also designed around experiments that could range from testing out various theories about society to forcing residents to undergo forced mutations. With at least two of Fallout‘s main cast members potentially being Vault 33 residents, Vault 33’s experiment was likely focused on less unhealthy goals, and the series could follow these characters stepping into the wasteland for the first time, acting as perfect audience surrogates to relate to as they learn about the Fallout universe.

While Fallout‘s new teaser poster is light on story clues, the new 2024 release window and artwork are sure to amplify the building excitement among potential viewers. With video game adaptations such as Arcane and The Last of Us leaving audiences pleased, there is excitement surrounding a potential golden age of game adaptations following numerous less-than-spectacular releases. And as the new artwork matching what gamers are familiar with, Prime Video’s take on Fallout could easily please both new and firmly established fans.

Source: Prime Video

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