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Jennifer Garner’s New Netflix Movie Is A Meta Riff On 13 Going On 30, See First Family Switch Images-TGN


  • Family Switch is Jennifer Garner’s new body-swap movie, where her character swaps bodies with her teenage daughter.
  • The plot follows the parents’ struggle to keep their family connected as their children grow distant, leading to a mystical encounter that causes the entire family, including the dog, to swap bodies.
  • The movie, directed by McG, includes meta references to Garner’s previous body-swap film 13 Going on 30 and premieres on Netflix on November 30.

The first Family Switch images reveal Jennifer Garner’s new body-swap movie. From director Joseph McGinty Nichol, known professionally as McG, the comedy formerly known as Family Leave is based on Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s children’s book Bedtime for Mommy and follows a family who swaps bodies with one another. The movie marks Garner’s return to the body-swap genre after her beloved 2004 romantic comedy, 13 Going on 30.

Per Entertainment Weekly, images from Family Switch reveal the first look at Garner’s new body-swap movie. Check them out below:

The images reveal the central family that will be swapping bodies. They are played by Garner, The Office‘s Ed Helms, Wednesday‘s Emma Myers, and Good Boys star Brady Noon. McG, who previously directed Rim of the World and The Babysitter movies for Netflix, teased Family Switch as a meta riff on 13 Going on 30:

We overtly mention 13 Going on 30. There’s a meta sort of runner in the movie because I like showing the audience that kind of respect. We get it, we get it.

How Family Switch Differs From 13 Going on 30

Instead of a teenager making a wish and awakening decades later as an adult, as Garner’s Jenna did in 13 Going On 30, Family Switch finds her character swapping bodies with her teenage daughter, played by Myers. The stark similarities between the two movies are seemingly intentional, as director McG confirms the comedy gets “very meta” and even explicitly mentions 13 Going on 30 by name. But instead of waking up in the body of her older self, Family Switch essentially subverts 13 Going on 30 by having Garner’s character swap bodies with her teenage daughter.

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The Family Switch plot follows Helms and Garner’s parents trying to keep their family connected as their children, played by Myers and Noon, grow more distant. One day, a mystical encounter with an astrological reader (played by West Side Story‘s Rita Moreno) causes the family to swap bodies, down to the baby brother and family dog. It just so happens the swap occurs on an important day in each of their lives, including a college interview, soccer tryout, job promotion, and record deal. There will be a wait for Family Switch since it doesn’t premiere on Netflix until November 30.

Source: EW

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