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Fast Charlie Trailer: Pierce Brosnan Is A Violent Killer With A Gruesome Mission In New Thriller-TGN


  • The first Fast Charlie trailer has been released, teasing Pierce Brosnan’s role as a fixer attempting to identify a headless victim in order to prove he completed a hit job.
  • The action thriller also stars Morena Baccarin and, in his final performance, the late James Caan.
  • Many of Brosnan’s recent movies have missed the mark critically and/ or commercially, but the creative talent involved in Fast Charlie suggests the movie could end up being an effective action thriller.



Pierce Brosnan is a fixer tasked with a gruesome mission in the first trailer for Fast Charlie. Directed by Phillip Noyce (Salt, The Giver), the upcoming thriller sees Brosnan starring as the titular Charlie, a fixer attempting to prove the identity of one of his targets who just so happens to be missing his head. The film features the final performance of the late James Caan, with Morena Baccarin also starring.

Now, Vertical (via Collider) has released the first trailer for Fast Charlie ahead of the film’s December release date. Watch the trailer below:

The trailer, which features Brosnan sporting a Southern accent, teases that Charlie’s job goes very much awry, with a whole host of enemies (including perhaps his own employer) soon setting out to kill him.

Will Fast Charlie Redeem Pierce Brosnan’s Recent Misfires?

Brosnan remains best known for his tenure as British superspy James Bond, but the actor bid farewell to the role in 2002’s Die Another Day. Working regularly across a variety of genres since, Brosnan has, in recent years, starred in a number of movies that, either critically or commercially (or both), just haven’t hit the mark. Some of these misses include the likes of The Out-Laws, The King’s Daughter, The Misfits, and Final Score, along with a handful of others.

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It’s difficult to tell from a trailer alone whether Fast Charlie will buck this unfortunate trend, but some of the creative talent involved suggests that it might. The script, for example, hails from Richard Wenk and Victor Gischler, the former of whom penned movies like 16 Blocks, The Mechanic, The Magnificent Seven (2016), and all three Equalizer movies starring Denzel Washington. While none of these movies could be called critical darlings, they all deliver on the expectations of the genre and are, at worst, passable action flicks.

The Equalizer 3 was released in theaters in September, earning the strongest reviews of the franchise.

Noyce, admittedly, has directed a number of fairly lackluster films in recent years, but Salt, at the very least, shows that he knows how to capture action. While Fast Charlie doesn’t look like it will be offering up anything significantly different or innovative when it comes to the genre, there’s something to be said for a competently-made action thriller starring one of Hollywood’s most charismatic and suave leading men.

Source: Vertical (via Collider)

  • Fast Charlie Temp Poster

    Fast Charlie

    Phillip Noyce

    Pierce Brosnan, James Caan, Morena Baccarin

    Not Yet Rated

    Main Genre:

    Foresight Unlimited

    Richard Wenk

    Based on the novel “Gun Monkeys” by Victor Gischler, Fast Charlier is an action-thriller film starring Pierce Brosnan as a hitman for a prolific mafia group. When Charlie (Brosnan) survives a hired hit that claims the lives of his boss and crew members, Charlie teams up with an unlikely ally to hunt them down and exact his revenge.

    Story By:
    Victor Gischler

    $18 Million

    Distributor :
    Screen Media

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