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Will Fear The Walking Dead’s Series Finale Set Up More TWD Spinoffs? EP Responds-TGN


  • Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will have a definitive ending, not setting up more spinoffs for the zombie franchise.
  • The final six episodes will provide conclusions to all the show’s major characters.
  • While some elements of the show could appear in other spinoffs, Fear the Walking Dead itself ends with finality, honoring the show and the cast.



Fear the Walking Dead executive producer Michael E. Satrazemis has responded to the notion that the series finale will set up more spinoffs for the zombie franchise. Season 8 part 2 of the long-running spinoff will see Madison Clark pitted against her old enemy, Troy Otto, as she tries to make PADRE into a safe place for her people. Alongside Madison’s story, the final six episodes are expected to provide conclusions to all the show’s major characters.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Satrazemis explained Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will have a definitive ending that doesn’t lead into any other spinoffs. While the executive producer admitted it’s possible elements of the show will appear elsewhere in the zombie franchise, the series itself ends with finality. Check out what Satrazemis had to say below:

(The Walking Dead chief content officer) Scott Gimple’s been really good about intertwining the shows and having one show feed the others. He’s a wizard. But I feel that this has a complete end. It’s not feeding or fueling anything other than ending the story. That felt really nice to honor the show in that way.

The universe really has a way of continually creating and has a magnet that can pull anything back together again, (I feel) that Fear has a really beautiful ending and a proper ending honoring the show and the cast.

Why Fear The Walking Dead Should Have A Definitive Ending

Victor Strand hugging Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead season 8

Fear the Walking Dead‘s final villain is Troy, touting Alicia’s makeshift arm in his appearance as well. While his attack on PADRE will provide one final battle between the core survivors and an antagonist, it may also reveal what happened to Madison’s daughter. Last seen in season 7, it’s unclear if she succumbed to radiation poisoning, was killed, or is still alive somewhere near Texas.

Because every living or unaccounted for major character can have their fate addressed in the final episodes, it makes sense for the show to end its story for good. While this means characters like Victor Strand won’t be crossing paths with Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, it does mean their stories will stop at an appropriate point. It may be unclear who lives and who dies, but the show having a neat conclusion means anything could happen.

Even so, there are still some elements from before Fear the Walking Dead‘s final episodes that could make their way into other spinoffs. The most prominent of these is Morgan and Mo, who left PADRE in season 8, episode 6 to search for Rick. However, based on what Satrazemis said, it seems that may be the only thread from the spinoff that could weave itself into another one.

Source: EW

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