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“Every Cast Member Has An Amazing Episode”: Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2 Teased By EP-TGN


  • Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will give each major character their own episode, allowing for a proper ending for each character.
  • The final six episodes will introduce Troy Otto as the returning villain from season 3, posing a threat to Madison and her new community.
  • With the focus on definitive endings for each character, it is unclear if any of the spinoff’s characters will appear in other shows within the franchise.



Fear the Walking Dead executive producer Michael E. Satrazemis has opened up about how every episode in season 8 part 2 will give each major character a focus. As the long-running spinoff comes to a close, Madison and her new group at PADRE will have to battle Troy Otto, a returning villain from season 3 that wants to destroy her new community. In its final six episodes, the show will introduce this new threat while ending the stories of its many survivors.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Satrazemis revealed that all characters in Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will get an episode focusing on them. The executive producer also hinted at many different threads throughout the season, all of which will give the spinoff a definitive ending. Check out what Satrazemis had to say below:

The entire back half of the season is really tight and really special. We have some very big scope episodes. We’ve got a couple down the rabbit hole sort of episodes where we take a little right turn and hook away. They’re going to be surprising and beautiful. This back half (of season 8) is very emotional. Every cast member has an amazing episode. And it has a proper ending.

How Will Fear The Walking Dead End?

Madison with her hammer behind her back in Fear the Walking Dead season 8

Fear the Walking Dead‘s final villain, Troy, bring the series back to its roots after Madison believed she’d killed him during season 3. Trailers for the final season show he’s returned with an army of zombies he intends to use against PADRE, which the core survivors are trying to turn into a new home. There’s no telling if Troy will succeed or not until the show’s final six episodes air.

Since every character will be getting a spotlight in the final episodes, it seems the show will provide each of them a definitive ending. This implies every character in the spinoff won’t be appearing in any other shows within the wider franchise. While Morgan’s Walking Dead future could continue since he left the spinoff in season 8, episode 6, the other characters will likely see their stories end.

Due to how many times Fear the Walking Dead‘s survivors have bested their villains, it makes sense for them to stop Troy and morph PADRE into a better settlement. However, it’s unclear just how many familiar faces will be lost when the final battle is over. With plenty of mystery still surrounding how everything will play out, the spinoff’s final season is bound to give everyone a definitive swan song.

Source: EW

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