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Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Will Explain How Troy Got Alicia’s Arm, Promises Producer-TGN

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 7!




  • Fear the Walking Dead producer confirms upcoming episodes will explain how Troy obtained Alicia’s arm and whether Alicia is dead.
  • Showrunner hints that Troy may not be trustworthy, raising questions about the true nature of him having Alicia’s arm.
  • The final episodes will explore Troy’s connection to Alicia’s arm and provide answers on how he acquired it.

Fear the Walking Dead producer and showrunner Ian Goldberg has revealed the final episodes will explain how Troy got Alicia’s arm. At the end of season 8, episode 7, the returning antagonist revealed he has Alicia’s makeshift prosthetic arm in a bag. He then claims to have killed Alicia, promising a similar fate for Madison and her people.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Goldberg confirmed future episodes will reveal how Troy got his hands on Alicia’s arm and if Fear the Walking Dead season 8 killed Alicia. The showrunner hints that Troy has not always been a trustworthy character, and the true nature of him having Alicia’s arm will be revealed in the future. Check out what Goldberg had to say below:

Well, it’s complicated because he does have her arm. That’s definitely Alicia’s arm. At the same time, Troy has not always proven himself to be the most trustworthy character, so we’ll have to see in these final few episodes what the truth is of what happened. But we will be exploring that further, and we will be answering exactly how he got that arm.

Did Troy Really Kill Alicia?

Alycia Debnam Carey as Alicia Clark and bird in Fear The Walking Dead

Goldberg’s statement indicates there is more to Alicia’s supposed death than Troy is letting on. At the end of season 8, episode 7, he shows Madison her daughter’s arm as an intimidation tactic, showing what he’s willing to do to get his revenge. However, with five episodes of Fear the Walking Dead left, there’s plenty of time for his claims to be explored for how true they really are.

The returning villain having her arm means the two did cross paths at some point, either during the time jump between seasons 7 and 8, or more recently. But beyond his assertion that she is dead, there’s no concrete proof pointing toward him killing her. For now, it’s impossible to know for sure what happened to her, or how she ended up crossing paths with the show’s final antagonist.

Since the show will be explaining how he got her arm, it’s possible Alycia Debnam-Carey will return in a cameo appearance as Alicia to explore what transpired. Since Troy returned to Fear the Walking Dead after being absent for several seasons, it would be possible for her to come back as well. With only a few episodes left in the show, it won’t be long until Madison and the audience learn of her true final fate.

Source: EW

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