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Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Part 2 Trailer: Core Survivors Defend PADRE From Troy-TGN

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 7!




  • The new trailer for Fear the Walking Dead‘s final episodes shows more of Troy’s return as the series’ final villain, seeking revenge on Madison.
  • Troy claims to have killed Alicia and carries her prosthetic arm as proof.
  • The upcoming episodes will bring an end to the long-running spinoff series.

A new trailer for Fear the Walking Dead‘s final episodes reveals what to expect from Troy’s return as core survivors try to defend PADRE from him. In season 8, episode 7, the season 3 antagonist was revealed as the final villain of the show, intent on destroying Madison’s new home after she left him for dead. He also claims to have killed Alicia, carrying her prosthetic arm in a bag.

Now, The Walking Dead (via WotNot) has released a trailer for the final episodes in Fear the Walking Dead season 8, which will bring the long-running spinoff to an end.

The new trailer reveals Madison rallying the show’s key survivors together to defend PADRE from Troy. It also sees Madison trying to come to terms with Alicia’s supposed death, which another character seemingly has proof of.

How Will Fear The Walking Dead End?

Troy in Fear the Walking Dead season 8-1

Fear the Walking Dead promises a villain story that will give a proper ending to the group’s struggle in finding a place they can survive long-term. While the show has often seen the main survivors moving from place to place, Madison’s promise to make PADRE a safe location shows her determination to make their new home permanent. However, Troy’s army of both the living and the dead will threaten her dream throughout the final episodes.

Since the group will be making their last stand against this final antagonist, it’s unclear what will happen to the safe haven they want to create. While it’s possible they could lose it before the season ends, it’s more likely Madison will be able to defend her people from this new threat. However, if she’s successful, it’s unclear what this means for the future of her community and what will happen to Troy.

The final episodes will be further complicated by the villain’s claim that he killed Alicia, providing her prosthetic arm as proof. However, since Fear the Walking Dead has yet to reveal her body, anything is possible regarding her final fate. As Madison moves closer to building a safe community for her people, it appears she will be spending the final episodes of the spinoff defending its right to exist.

Source: The Walking Dead (via WotNot)

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