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Fire Country Season 2 Images Reveal First Look At Sheriff Spinoff Star’s Debut-TGN


  • New images of Morena Baccarin in
    Fire Country
    season 2 feature her debut as Sheriff Mickey Fox.
  • Baccarin is set to appear alongside existing characters like Bode in her debut episode airing on April 12.
  • The
    l star is in discussions for a potential spinoff series based on her role as Sheriff Mickey.



New images of Fire Country season 2 reveal a first look at Morena Baccarin’s role ahead of her debut in the series. Baccarin was previously announced to be portraying Sheriff Mickey Fox before season 2 premiered. The Deadpool star is also in talks to reprise her role as this character for a possible spinoff series in the future.

Now, TVLine has released first-look photos of Baccarin’s role as Mickey in Fire Country season 2. The images reveal her next to established characters like Bode, teasing when her episode, titled “Alert the Sheriff,” airs on April 12. Check out the images of her debut episode below:

Everything We Know About Morena Baccarin’s Fire Country Episode

Fire Country could open the doors to an offshoot called Sheriff Country.

It seems the possibility of a spinoff being greenlit will depend on both the actor’s interest and reception to her first episode.

Baccarin’s debut episode will feature a resident at Three Rock escaping, with Mickey being called in to investigate and track down the rogue prisoner. This will allow her character to be introduced to the series, setting the foundations for a possible Fire Country spinoff. She is also hinted at having a connection to the Leone family, indicating plenty about her character that’s still unknown.


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Mickey’s first episode is being used to test the waters for a possible new series, which TVLine also reports could be called Sheriff Country. However, the show has yet to be announced, with Baccarin appearing in the new episode of the flagship series as a guest star. It seems the possibility of a spinoff being greenlit will depend on both the actor’s interest and reception to her first episode.

While it’s unclear if the actor’s debut will lead into a new TV universe for CBS, the possibility is very real considering how big a star Baccarin is. If the spinoff doesn’t end up happening, then it’s still likely she’ll make another guest appearance in Fire Country season 3, or even further into the show’s future. But, given how early her episode is being promoted, it seems the likelihood of her starring in the budding franchise is very high.

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Fire Country
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Source: TVLine

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