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Bebe Neuwirth’s Lilith Returns In New Frasier Reboot Episode 7 Clip-TGN


  • The new Frasier reboot episode 7 clip reveals Lilith’s return, setting up a fiery reunion between Frasier and his ex-wife.
  • Frasier is surprised by Lilith’s appearance in the new episode, suggesting a lack of communication between the former couple.
  • Despite their ugly split, Frasier and Lilith are partners in raising their son, Freddy, and their relationship may spark intense competition in winning his affection.



The new Frasier reboot episode 7 clip reveals the return of Lilith. Frasier Crane’s legendary ex-wife is poised to make her first appearance in the Paramount+ endeavor via the episode, “Freddy’s Birthday.” Brilliantly played by Bebe Neuwirth, her arrival sets up a fiery reunion between the former lovers, which makes the upcoming outing all the more exciting.

As previously reported, Frasier episode 7 will see the return of Lilith as seen in a new promotional clip from this week’s episode. Watch it below:

Based on Frasier’s reaction upon seeing his ex-wife, he didn’t expect to bump into her. They cross paths at the new Cheers alternative, Mahoney’s.

Why Lilith Appears In The Frasier Reboot

It’s curious how Frasier reboot episode 7 debuts Lilith, but based on the official synopsis of the upcoming episode, the outing also marks Freddy’s birthday. Given this, it only makes sense that she will be in town to visit her only son. What makes this curious is that Frasier is oblivious to the whole thing. It’s as if he doesn’t have any communication with his ex-wife. Regardless of the reason why Frasier is clueless about Lilith’s arrival, being surprised at her appearance is reminiscent of her first visit to Seattle in the old show.

It may be Freddy’s birthday, but it’s safe to say that the focus of the upcoming Frasier reboot episode will be on his parents. Despite their ugly split, Frasier and Lilith have always been partners in raising Freddy. However, Frasier’s move to Boston may kickstart a round of intense competition to win the affection of their son. The pair’s relationship has been up and down throughout the years. While they deeply care about each other, they also revel in engaging in a verbal contest to see who can come up with the best insult. Assuming that the Paramount+ show leans on this, expect a lot of bickering between the couple.

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As Freddy becomes more like Frasier, it’s curious if that has any impact on his relationship with his mother. Since they lived in Boston during the events of the original series, their relationship wasn’t fully explored, but it appears as if they are very close. Lilith’s appearance in the Frasier reboot episode 7 marks the first time that they reunite as a family on the screen in over two decades,

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