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“That’s Who The Guy Is”: Frasier Reboot’s Controversial Clothing Choices Justified By Showrunner-TGN


  • Frasier’s reboot costume, consisting of jeans and a suit jacket, has caused controversy as it goes against his traditionally sharp and expensive style.
  • The costume change is meant to reflect Frasier’s character evolution, showing that he is now more confident and comfortable in his own skin.
  • Despite the wardrobe change, Frasier’s lack of confidence in the reboot and struggles to connect with his son are evident, making his new appearance seem out of place.



The Frasier reboot co-creator Joe Cristalli offers an explanation for Kelsey Grammer’s divisive wardrobe in the show. Known for his expensive taste, Frasier Crane has always been sharply dressed. Regardless if he was drinking at Sam’s pub in Boston or drinking coffee with Niles at Cafe Nervosa in Seattle, he was always put-together. So naturally, the public has strong opinions about his revamped look in the Frasier reboot.

Speaking with Vulture, Cristalli addresses the backlash on Frasier’s reboot costumes by explaining why he no longer wears his three-piece suits and cardigans. As it turns out, it has something to do with the evolution of the character. Read his full quote below:

He’s not going to wear the cardigans and tweed jackets he wore on Cheers. He’s not going to wear the big Armani suits he wore on Frasier. He’s very smart, very rich, very fashion-forward, and very design-forward. Frasier knows what fashion is now. Yes, you can complain that he’s wearing jeans even though he wore jeans in the original show. This is what he’ll be wearing. He’s more comfortable in his clothes now, literally, and more comfortable in his skin. He doesn’t have to prove anything. That’s who the guy is. He can still get very uppity about something very minor.

Why Frasier’s Reboot Costume Is So Controversial

Frasier with Eddie the dog sitting on a couch

Frasier’s is one of the most impeccably dressed characters on TV. He wore tailored three-piece suits with leather shoes regularly. So it’s quite jarring to see him wear jeans with a suit jacket and sneakers in the reboot. Granted that Frasier did wear jeans in Seattle, it was appropriate for the environment he was in. Considering the wealth he amassed during his years hosting Dr. Crane, one would assume that he would have leaned toward his former aesthetic since he would have more money to indulge himself. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and per Cristalli, it is by design to show that the character is more confident in his own skin.

Intriguingly, however, Frasier doesn’t seem to be very confident in the reboot. He’s struggling to connect with his son and is feeling more like an entertainer than an actual educator at Harvard. He no longer gives off any advice because he isn’t confident doling them out when he feels like he’s standing on shaky ground himself. It doesn’t matter if Frasier’s wardrobe in the reboot is more expensive, his new appearance just doesn’t seem to fit in with the character that people have loved for decades. If anything, he should be more adamant about putting on a suit as he wanders back into his alma mater.

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It’s curious if there is any reason why the Frasier reboot has to dress him differently. Grammer looked phenomenal in his suits and cardigans; they immediately inform viewers what kind of person he is, which is beneficial to the show. If only Niles could see how his brother dresses now, he would arguably be disappointed.

Source: Vulture

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