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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode #10 Release Date & Time-TGN


  • In Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode #9, Frieren fights against Aura and her army of headless zombies to protect the city.
  • Fern and Stark confront Lügner and Linie, with Fern overpowering Lügner and Stark finding a way to defeat Linie.
  • It is already revealed that Aura will be defeated by Frieren, as Frieren’s raw power overwhelms Aura’s magic, reversing the effects of Aura’s control.



Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode #9 finally put the party against Aura and her forces, and the results are appropriately high in scale. It doesn’t look as if the fight will drag on too long, but it’s still bound to be plenty exciting, so there’s a lot to look forward to with episode #10.

What Time Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 10 Releases

Aura the Guillotine

As with previous episodes, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End releases exclusively on Crunchyroll, which can be accessed either through their app, on their website, or by using Amazon Prime. Assuming that there are no delays, episode #10 should air on Friday, November 10 at 8:00 AM Pacific Time (PST) and 11:00 AM Eastern (EST) in the United States and at 3:00 PM British Summer Time (BST) in the United Kingdom.

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What Happened In Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 9?

As the title would imply, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode #9, “Aura the Guillotine” saw Frieren fighting Aura and her army of headless zombies to protect the city. During the fight, Aura notes that Frieren is only disabling her control over the corpses instead of blowing them away as she did in their last fight, which Frieren explains as being because Himmel scolded her for doing that. Aura doesn’t understand why Frieren would care about what Himmel thinks when he’s dead, and that lack of empathy reaffirms for Frieren that demons are nothing but monsters and that she can kill Aura without mercy.

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While that was happening, Fern and Stark were confronted by Lügner and Linie, Lügner having used his blood to track their movements. Fern initially seemed to be at a disadvantage against Lügner, but she was able to overwhelm Lügner with her speed and power. Stark, however, was at a loss for dealing with Linie, whose magic let her copy Eisen’s technique, but after remembering how Eisen taught him to never give up in a fight, Stark regained his resolve and fought back against Linie long enough to deliver a killing blow, with Fern doing the same to Lügner in tandem.

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Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Already Revealed How Its Villain Will Be Defeated

Aura with the Scales of Obedience

The fight between Frieren and Aura is still going on, but Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has already revealed how Aura will be defeated. Aura’s Scales of Obedience allow her to control anyone with magic weaker than hers, and the natural weakness is that if someone managed to surpass Aura’s magic, the power would be reversed and Aura would fall victim to someone’s control. With a weakness so blatant, it’s clear that Aura will be defeated because she attempts to use the Scales of Obedience on Frieren, only for Frieren to reverse the effects by overwhelming Aura with her raw power.

A defeat like that, of course, would be the most fitting defeat for Aura to suffer. With how much Aura lives for abusing people to the point of making her magic revolve around that, having her lose by falling under the same curse she inflicted upon others would be nothing but ironic, and Frieren being the one to do it would be a perfect way of establishing just how powerful she’s supposed to be. There are no better ways for Frieren and Aura’s fight to go, and it will be great to see if Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode #10 decides to follow through on such an obvious setup.

Be sure to watch Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode #10 when it releases on November 10.

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