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Gargoyles Art Imagines What The Live-Action Series Could Look Like-TGN


  • AI-generated Gargoyles art imagines what central characters from the show could look like in the announced live-action series.
  • The live-action Gargoyles show was first reported last month, with James Wan and Gary Dauberman (The Conjuring universe) developing.
  • The original animated show is fondly remembered for its dark and complex storylines, and recapturing this tone will be crucial for the live-action show to achieve success.



The world of Gargoyles is brought to life in a new batch of AI images, providing taste of what the live-action series could look like. First airing in 1994, the Walt Disney Television Animation series ran for three seasons, coming to an end in 1997. The animated show follows a clan of gargoyles from a castle in Scotland who are awoken in New York City 1000 years after being frozen by a spell. The clan, who turn to stone during the day and come alive at night, then vows to keep their new city safe from evil.

Now, following the confirmation of that a live-action Gargoyles Disney Plus show is in the works, AI-generated art shared by dejaview.tv on Instagram imagines what might be to come in the new adaptation. Check out the images below:

The art features live-action-inspired versions of key members of the Gargoyles cast of characters, including Goliath, Lexington, Broadway, Demona, Elisa Maza, and David Xanatos, among others.

What We Know About The Live-Action Gargoyles Show

The live-action Gargoyles show was first reported to be in early development at Disney by THR last month, with Gary Dauberman and James Wan spearheading efforts. The creative duo, working under their Atomic Monster banner, is behind the larger The Conjuring universe of films, including Annabelle. Dauberman will serve as writer, executive producer, and showrunner for the series, with Wan producing.

The upcoming series is expected to release exclusively on Disney Plus, but no release window has been provided. With the show still in early development, it will likely be some time before more concrete details are released, including story and cast information. It must also be said that being in development is not confirmation that the live-action show has actually been given the green light by Disney. A Gargoyles movie was put into development in 2011, for example, but that project stalled out after some notable Disney box office disappointments around that time.

The original animated show, which is now available to stream on Disney Plus, came at an interesting time of flux in the world of animation. The animated Gargoyles featured surprisingly dark and complex storylines for the animation medium at the time, and recapturing this same tone will be a crucial for the live-action version if it is to do justice to its source material. Thankfully, Dauberman, as the screenwriter behind all three Annabelle movies and 2017’s It, has proven himself adept at darker, horror-themed projects, suggesting the live-action Gargoyles show is in good hands.

Source: @dejaview.tv

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