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Gen V Showrunner Teases Dean Shetty’s Reasons For Shocking Evil Plan-TGN

Warning: The article contains SPOILERS for Gen V episode 6, “Jumanji.”




  • Gen V‘s co-showrunner Michelle Fazekas addresses the shocking twist that Dean Shetty is creating a virus to wipe out all supes, motivated by personal reasons.
  • The Boys franchise needs a significant shakeup, and Shetty’s virus could add stakes and uncertainty to the conflict.
  • While Shetty may not succeed in her plans, her reveal adds to the feeling that anything can happen in the Prime Video series.

Gen V‘s co-showrunner Michelle Fazekas offers insight into the shocking plan of Dean Shetty. When it was first announced as a spinoff of The Boys, the focus of Gen V was said to be on young supes competing for the top spot at Godolkin University. Although that does play a factor in the hit Prime Video series, the true purpose of the show might be the reveal that Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn) is using her position to create a contagious virus that would be capable of wiping out all supes.

In an interview with Variety, Fazekas addressed the Dean Shetty virus twist that occurs in the final moments of episode 6. Fazekas, who serves as showrunner on The Boys spinoff alongside Tara Butters, said that the dean of Goldolkin University has a “real, personal reason” for what she’s doing and specifically points out that Shetty is a psychologist who specializes in superheroes. Fazekas’ quote is below:

She has a real, personal reason for having her feelings about superheroes. And she’s also a behavioral psychologist that specializes in superheroes. So she has a level of expertise on them that is sort of her superpower, in a way. So yeah, she’s got reasons.

Dean Shetty’s Virus Is Long OverdueDean Shetty and Dr Edison Cardosa in The Woods in Gen V

Shetty likely wants to wipe out the supes, at least in part because she’s been frequently reminded that she’s only a human compared to them. That implicit and more often overt inferiority that she’s diminished is likely to be something of a chip on Shetty’s shoulder. Regardless of her motivations, The Boys’ universe is due for anything that could permanently remove a few characters.

The franchise is due for a significant shakeup, exemplified by The Boys season 3 finale. That episode refused to kill off any major character despite repeatedly teasing the possibility throughout the season. From the perspective of keeping the show fresh, Shetty’s virus could be of use.

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Of course, since The Boys and Gen V are about superheroes, Shetty probably won’t get that far. She might even stare down a gory death for her troubles. But it would not be the worst thing for the Prime Video franchise to use the spinoff’s episode 6 reveal as a way of adding stakes to the conflict and restating the feeling that anything can happen.

Source: Variety

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