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Jordan Peele’s Original Horror Movie Makes Netflix Top 10 As Halloween Approaches-TGN


  • Jordan Peele’s horror hit Get Out currently holds the number 10 spot on Netflix’s global top 10 movies list.
  • The Lost City, Tyson’s Run, Casper, Ma, Mean Girls, American Made, Gemini Man, Fair Play, and Reptile beat Peele’s film on the list.
  • Get Out resonated with audiences and critics due to its exploration of race relations in America, and the movie features biting cultural commentary, a twisty plot, strong performances, and a unique tone.



Jordan Peele’s horror hit, Get Out, has broken into the Netflix Top 10 list. Released in 2017, Get Out stars Daniel Kaluuya as a photographer who finds himself wrapped up in a sinister scheme after joining his girlfriend for a stay at her parents’ estate. The movie essentially launched Peele’s career as a director, with the filmmaker subsequently making Us and, most recently, Nope.

Now, as Halloween inches closer and viewers turn spooky movies to get into the spirit, Peele’s Get Out has just managed to break into the Netflix global top 10 list. Peele’s horror flick comes in at the number 10 spot globally, but the number six spot in the U.S., with Us just behind it on the latter list. Globally, Get Out is beaten by, The Lost City, Tyson’s Run, Casper, Ma, Mean Girls, American Made, Gemini Man, Fair Play, and, in the number one spot, Reptile

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Why Get Out Was A Horror Sensation

Get Out walter and chris

Prior to Get Out, Peele was best known for his comedy work, including on the show Key & Peele. The 2017 horror movie, however, firmly established Peele as a major voice in the horror genre, and the film would go on to earn over $255 million at the box office. Get Out was also an awards hit, earning Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor, and taking home the Osar for Best Original Screenplay.

One of the big reasons why the movie resonated so forcefully with audiences and critics is its clear critique and exploration of race relations in America. Get Out features some biting cultural commentary, with a plot that features wealthy white parents literally brainwashing and enslaving Black people. This thematic material, however, accompanies a twisting and unpredictable plot, with some major surprise reveals woven throughout the narrative.

The movie’s script also incorporates what has become Peele’s signature brand of comedy, with healthy doses of dark humor allowing the movie strike a unique tonal balance. Kaluuya’s lead performance as Chris, too, carries the film, and Allison Williams is exceptional as Rose, an apparent ally who is eventually revealed to be perhaps the biggest villain of them all during Get Out‘s shocking ending. Peele’s two follow-up films are further affirmations of his talent as a filmmaker, but Get Out is arguably still his most crucial and impactful movie.

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