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Pedro Pascal Liking Good Omens Fan Art Has Fans Losing Their Minds (& Wanting Him To Join Season 3)-TGN


  • Pedro Pascal liked a Good Omens fan art, sparking excitement among fans and calling for him to join season 3.
  • Good Omens season 3 will be based on ideas for a potential sequel worked out by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
  • While Pascal’s support for the show is appreciated, his busy schedule may make it challenging for him to appear in season 3 despite viewers’ wishes.

Actor Pedro Pascal recently liked a Good Omens fan art, prompting calls for him to join season 3. While Prime Video is still yet to officially announce Good Omens season 3, the season 2 finale hinted at the Second Coming forming the basis of the next season. According to series creator Neil Gaiman, season 3 will be based on ideas for a potential sequel to the original book that he had worked out with his late co-author Terry Pratchett.

Recently, artist Rickie Yagawa posted a Good Omens-inspired artwork to her Instagram account, eventually catching the eye of The Mandalorian and The Last Of Us star Pascal who liked the original image. Check it out below:

Pascal and Good Omens fans quickly latched onto the star’s approval, later taking to Twitter to voice their excitement. Check out some examples below:

One user suggested that Pedro Pascal liking a Good Omens fan art was not on their 2023 Bingo card.

Other users thought people were kidding before being able to capture a screenshot of Pascal’s like.

Some netizens echoed calls for an official season 3 renewal announcement, given the actor’s support.

A few tweets suggested Pascal might be an ideal candidate to take up the role of Jesus in Good Omens season 3.

This suggestion went one step further and included a photoshopped image of Pascal in the role of the Messiah.

One tweet quipped that they needed “Pedro Pascal biblically,” meaning that they wanted him to play Jesus in Good Omens season 3.

Other commentators echoed the sentiments of many others, wondering what it would be like to have Pascal appear as Jesus in season 3.

Would Pedro Pascal Make A Good Messiah In Good Omens Season 3?

With Good Omens viewers taking Pascal’s approval of the show’s fan art as a sign of his appreciation, calls to have him join the series merely seem like a natural extension of their enthusiasm. However, between Pascal’s public appeal and proven versatility, some suggestions may have merits that he could assume the role of the Messiah in Good Omens season 3. While Pascal may be best known for his more dramatic roles, his tenure in movies, such as The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and hosting duties on Saturday Night Live, exemplified his capability of shining in light-hearted fare.

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Though it is not clear at what age the returning Messiah may be during Good Omens season 3, it would make sense for Gaiman to try and avoid introducing a younger figure like the Antichrist was during season 1. Moreover, having a character who has already reached adulthood without knowing the truth of their divinity could potentially provide plenty of rich comedic material. The idea of Pascal playing an average man who is suddenly told he is the Messiah by Michael Sheen’s Aziraphale would be an amusing way to work the Second Coming into the show.

However, as exciting as the idea of Pascal joining Good Omens season 3 as Jesus is, Gaiman and Prime Video may have a hard time finding time in his increasingly busy schedule. Beyond his anticipated return in both The Mandalorian season 4 and The Last of Us season 2, Pascal is set to appear in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2 and is also rumored to be starring alongside Jason Momoa in the Minecraft movie. With Pascal already in such high demand, it may take a minor miracle for him to appear in Good Omens season 3 despite the earnest wishes of excitable viewers.

Source: Rickie Yagawa/Instagram, Various (see above)

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