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Good Omens & Supernatural Connection Addressed By Neil Gaiman-TGN


  • Supernatural creator Eric Kripke used the original Good Omens book as inspiration for his show’s demon, Crowley, and included nods to the book and other work.
  • A significant connection between the two shows is the use of an Antichrist character, with Supernatural basing its character on Adam from the Good Omens book.
  • With Gaiman aware of Kripke’s love for his work, there may be opportunities for reciprocal nods between Good Omens and Supernatural, including introducing a version of Castiel or having characters cross paths with Sam and Dean.

Good Omens showrunner and original co-author Neil Gaiman has addressed his show’s shared connection with The CW’s hit series Supernatural. With both properties heavily stepped in Christian mythology, several familiar names appear in both shows, including the archangels Michael and Gabriel, as well as the Voice of God, Metatron. Moreover, both shows also feature a significant demonic character named Crowley, played by David Tennant in Good Omens and Mark Sheppard in Supernatural.

When recently asked on Tumblr about a possible connection between the two shows, Gaiman confirmed that Supernatural creator Eric Kripke used the original Good Omens book as inspiration for his own show’s demon.

While the name Crowley already had its fair share of demonic implications due to the well-known British occult figure Aleister Crowley, Gaiman revealed that Kripke had previously acknowledged he was a “huge Good Omens fan” and included several nods to that book and his other work. The original question also mentions the angel Metatron, however, already being a noteworthy biblical figure, neither Kripke nor Gaiman could reasonably take credit for that shared reference.

Supernatural’s Best Good Omens Reference

While having a demonic character with a shared name may be the most obvious connection between the two shows, Supernatural’s best reference to Good Omens is via its own use of the Antichrist in season 5. In Supernatural season 5, episode 6, dubbed “I Believe the Children Are Our Future,” Sam and Dean Winchester are tasked with investigating rumors that involve fairy tales and urban legends coming to life. Quite unexpectedly, the culprit ends up being a boy named Jesse who can warp the very fabric of reality, thanks to his status as an Antichrist.

While Jesse is not the literal son of Lucifer, but rather a half-human born from a mother possessed by a demon, Kripke has been open about basing the Supernatural character on Adam from the original Good Omens book. With the same book later providing the basis for Good Omens season 1, viewers of both shows would be able to see several parallels between the characters and how their abilities were manifested. Moreover, both characters were able to exercise their own free will and avoid becoming the cause of a potential apocalypse.

With Gaiman already well aware of Kripke’s love of his work as an author, perhaps Good Omens season 3 will give him the opportunity to return the favor. With a whole host of angels waiting to be introduced, Gaiman may even look to introduce his own version of Castiel as a sneaky reciprocal nod to Supernatural. Or, even better, Crowley and Aziraphale may potentially find themselves crossing paths with a pair of brothers named Sam and Dean.

Source: Neil Gaiman/Tumblr

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