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Goosebumps Season 2 Could Adapt R.L. Stine’s Most Popular Books In Depth-TGN


  • Goosebumps season 2 could explore R.L. Stine’s “Night of the Living Dummy” book, according to producer Pavun Shetty. The famous Stine saga is touched upon in season 1, but it could play a bigger role moving forward.
  • Positive signs indicate that Goosebumps season 2 has a good chance of happening.
  • The show garnered 4.2 million total views for its premiere episode on Hulu and Disney+, making it a success for Disney Branded Television and the biggest streaming season premiere since Monsters at Work.



Goosebumps season 2 could delve deeper into R.L. Stine’s most popular books, according to producer Pavun Shetty. Developed by Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stoller, the story centers around a group of teenagers who accidentally release supernatural forces out into the world. They must find a way to recapture those forces, but along the way, they also discover their parents’ secrets from the past. The more serialized revival of the popular franchise debuted on October 13, on both Hulu and Disney+, to mostly positive reviews.

Looking ahead to Goosebumps season 2, in an interview with MovieWeb, Shetty mentions that a second installment would delve deeper into the “Night of the Living Dummy” book. Released in 1993, the plot focused on an unsettling ventriloquist dummy. Shetty mentions that the famous Stine saga is touched in season 1, and Slappy is part of the Goosebumps revival, though “Night of the Living Dummy” itself is not a standalone story. The producer suggests that “Night of the Living Dummy” could play a bigger role in the Disney+ series moving forward. Read his quote below:

“We do tap into Night of the Living Dummy a little bit in season one, it’s not a standalone story in this, but Slappy is a part of the series, a big part, and so it was exciting to pull from those books, but not directly as far as the original and second one (Night of the Living Dummy II) went. So I honestly think there’s a lot more to pull from Night of the Living Dummy moving forward.”

Why Goosebumps Season 2 Has A Good Chance Of Happening

Justin Long as Harold Biddle in Goosebumps

The series hasn’t been renewed for season 2, but there are positive signs. Disney boasted that the new Goosebumps garnered 4.2 million total views for its premiere episode in its first three days of being on Hulu and Disney+. It was also highlighted as Disney Branded Television’s most-watched season debut for 2023 on both Disney+ and Hulu, in addition to the biggest streaming season premiere since Monsters at Work in 2021. It’s worth noting that a view is calculated by dividing the title’s total runtime by total stream time.

This is relevant in terms of whether Goosebumps season 2 happens because it’s unlikely that Disney would go out of its way to highlight a show’s success without a plan to keep it going. Although the streaming service has only recently started to share some viewership data, Goosebumps is in good company as it joins Loki season 2 and Ahsoka as one of the relatively few originals that have been specifically highlighted.

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Goosebumps season 2 is shaping up nicely, as the show’s creative team has also mentioned wanting the series for many more seasons, signaling out the young cast that includes Zack Morris, Isa Briones, Miles McKenna, Ana Yi Puig, and Will Price. They make up the show’s core group, along with horror vet Justin Long in a prominent supporting role. Based on early signs, they could likely be back for another round.

Source: MovieWeb

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