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Goosebumps Trailer: Justin Long Gets Possessed & Teens Uncover Creepy Secrets From The Past-TGN


  • The trailer for the upcoming Goosebumps TV show unveils teenagers unraveling their parents’ secrets in a chilling mystery.
  • Disney+ gives a sneak peek into the much-anticipated Goosebumps series, bringing more suspense and supernatural excitement.
  • Disney+ debuts the Goosebumps TV show on October 13, promising a spine-tingling combination of horror and humor.



A new trailer for the upcoming Goosebumps on Disney+ has arrived, teasing even more information about the upcoming horror comedy show. The show will center around teenagers working together to uncover their parents’ dark secrets in a paranormal mystery. It will premiere on Disney+ on Friday, October 13, 2023.

Now, Disney Plus has released a new trailer for the Goosebumps TV show. Check it out below:

The trailer sees Justin Long’s character Nathan Bratt possessed by a teenager, who begins targeting the children of those who wronged him decades earlier. Many references to classic Goosebumps stories are in the trailer as well, including Say Cheese and Die! and Night of the Living Dummy.

Everything We Know About The Disney+ Goosebumps Show

A teenager covered in slime protecting herself with a baseball bat in Goosebumps

Unlike the original stories written by R.L. Stine, Goosebumps will feature an overarching narrative throughout its 10 episodes. However, references to Stine’s original stories are laced throughout promotional material. This means the series will likely see many classic Goosebumps tales remixed for the larger narrative the show is presenting. While a few stories were highlighted in the Goosebumps trailer, there are likely to be many more featured in the full series.

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The trailer also exhibits the mix of horror and comedy that will define the series. While stories from Stine’s original work can lead to some memorable scares, a focus on comedy makes sense for the show’s demographic. It can also help to balance out any creepy moments with some levity, reminding the audience of how absurd some of the concepts of the series can be.

However, the show also has the potential to be a genuinely frightening homage to the original anthology show. While it’s clear the series will have plenty of fun and comedic elements to it, that doesn’t mean it can’t be scary when it wants to be. Just how terrifying Goosebumps is will become clear once the show arrives at Disney+ next month.

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